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client and server for the CPUShare distributed computing platform

CPUShare is a research project created by Andrea Arcangeli with the goal of connecting together the computers of the Internet in order to create a Low Cost P2P Virtual Supercomputer available to everybody to use in a matter of minutes, controlled by a market for the CPU resources that chooses the price of the CPU resources using the supply and demand law in real time.

Using the CPUCoins (the CPUCoins are a virtual credit, like in a video game), CPUShare can be optionally used as an energy accumulator, without requiring cash transactions to be useful. After accumulating CPUCoins, users can be allowed to share them with their friends, so that joint supercomputing projects can be developed too.

The CPUShare protocol is open and in turn it provides interoperability to all OS and architectures that can support virtualization of a x86-64 CPU.

Currently CPUShare only works on i386, amd64, powerpc and ppc64 platforms.

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