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Пакет: r8168-dkms (8.047.01-1) [non-free]

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dkms source for the r8168 network driver

r8168 is the Linux device driver released by RealTek for their network controllers with PCI-Express interface:

 * 2.5G Gigabit Ethernet: RTL8125
 * 10/100/1000M Gigabit Ethernet: RTL8111B, RTL8111C, RTL8111D, RTL8111E,
   RTL8111F, RTL8111G(S), RTL8111H(S), RTL8118(A)(S), RTL8119i, RTL8111L,
   RTL8168B, RTL8168E, RTL8168H, RTL8111DP, RTL8111EP, RTL8111FP, RTL8411,
 * 10/100M Fast Ethernet: RTL8101E, RTL8102E, RTL8103E, RTL8105E, RTL8106E,
   RTL8107E, RTL8401, RTL8402

This driver should only be used for devices not yet supported by the in-kernel driver r8169. Please see the README.Debian for instructions how to report bugs against r8169 that made it necessary to use r8168-dkms.

Installation of the r8168-dkms package will disable the in-kernel r8169 module. To re-enable r8169, the r8168-dkms package must be purged.

This package provides the dkms source code for the r8168 kernel modules. Kernel source or headers are required to compile these modules.

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