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C++11 port of docopt

With docopt, the option parser is generated based on the program's docstring. docopt parses the usage pattern ("Usage: ...") and option descriptions (lines starting with dash "-") and ensures that the program invocation matches the usage pattern. It parses options, arguments and commands based on that. The basic idea is that a good help message has all necessary information in it to make a parser.

This is a port of the docopt Python module to C++ with a focus on maintaining full feature parity (and code structure) as the original. The differences from the Python port are:

  - The addition of a docopt_parse function, which does not terminate the
    program on error a docopt::value type to hold the various value types that
    can be parsed.

  - Because C++ is statically-typed and Python is not, some changes were made
    to the interfaces of the internal parse tree types.

  - Because std::regex does not have an equivalent to Python's regex.split,
    some of the regex's had to be restructured and additional loops used.

This package provides the shared libraries.

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