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manager and filter for .gitignore rules - Node.js library

"ignore" is a manager, filter and parser for the .gitignore spec at <https://git-scm.com/docs/gitignore>, implemented in pure JavaScript.

 * Standalone module, much simpler than e.g. "fstream-ignore".
 * Only contains utility methods
   to filter paths according to the specified ignore rules.
 * Never tries to discover ignore rules
   by traversing directories or fetching from git configurations.
 * Doesn't care about sub-modules of git projects.
 * Complies exactly to gitignore documentation
   at <https://git-scm.com/docs/gitignore>:
   - "/*.js" should only match "a.js", not also "abc/a.js".
   - "**/foo" should match "foo" anywhere.
   - Prevents re-including a file excluded in a parent directory.
   - Handles trailing whitespaces:
     - "a " (one space) should not match "a  " (two spaces).
     - "a \ " matches "a  ".
   - All test cases are verified against "git check-ignore".

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