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Пакет: musescore-general-soundfont (0.2-1)

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General SoundFont from MuseScore (HQ version, lossy)

This is the HQ version for the new standard hard disc space-saving SF3 format soundfont as shipped with MuseScore 2.2 and newer.

This release of the soundfont supports Single-Note Dynamics with MuseScore 3.2 and higher.

MuseScore_General_HQ aims at providing the best audio quality and soundfont programming features, while being a compatible drop-in replacement for the less heavyweight MuseScore_General soundfont, providing the complete GM (General MIDI) sound set, with separate ensemble samples for several instruments, and some extras.

It can be used with most modern MIDI synthesisers which support the SF3 format, although early implementations (such as the one from MuseScore before release 2.2) had bugs making the resulting sound bad; instead use fluidr3mono-gm-soundfont for those.

As it comes under the MIT licence, it can be used in most settings, but do remember that waveforms generated using this soundfont are “copies or substantial portions of the” soundfont. It is sufficient to reproduce the licence and copyright notice in any “associated documentation files” provided with your generated waveforms.

The musescore-general-soundfont-small package contains the normal soundfont (as shipped with MuseScore 3.x), lossily SF3 compressed. The musescore-general-soundfont package similarly provides the HQ version of the soundfont (with separate ensembles instruments and other large improvements) as SF3, whereas the SF2 HQ version is packaged as musescore-general-soundfont-lossless for use with synthesisers lacking SF3 support, by audiophiles, and to avoid long MuseScore startup times; however with a large disc footprint.

This package will be installed into /usr/share/sounds/sf3/ which is the standard Debian location for system-wide SF3 soundfonts.

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General SoundFont from MuseScore (uncompressed)
General SoundFont from MuseScore (lossy)

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