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Пакет: lighttpd-modules-lua (1.4.59-2)

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LUA-based modules for lighttpd

This package contains the following modules:

 * mod_magnet: control the request handling module for lighttpd
   mod_magnet can attract a request in several stages in the request-handling.
   either at the same level as mod_rewrite, before any parsing of the URL is
   done or at a later stage, when the doc-root is known and the physical-path
   is already setup.
 * mod_cml: cache meta language module for lighttpd
   With the cache meta language, it is possible to describe to the
   dependencies of a cached file to its source files/scripts. For the
   cache files, the scripting language Lua is used.

Do not depend on this package. Depend on the provided lighttpd-mod-* packages instead.

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