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Monad transformers to lift control operations; profiling libraries

It defines the type class MonadControlIO, a subset of MonadIO into which generic control operations such as catch can be lifted from IO. Instances are based on monad transformers in MonadTransControl, which includes all standard monad transformers in the transformers library except ContT. For convenience, it provides a wrapped version of Control.Exception with types generalized from IO to all monads in MonadControlIO.

Note that this package is a rewrite of Anders Kaseorg's monad-peel library. The main difference is that this package provides CPS style operators and exploits the RankNTypes language extension to simplify most definitions.

The package includes a copy of the monad-peel testsuite written by Anders Kaseorg. The tests can be performed by using cabal test.

The following critertion based benchmark shows that monad-control is on average about 2.5 times faster than monad-peel:


This package provides a library for the Haskell programming language, compiled for profiling. See http://www.haskell.org/ for more information on Haskell.

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