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process genome alignment in the Multiple Alignment Format (example data)

MafFilter applies a series of "filters" to a MAF file, in order to clean it, extract data and computer statistics while keeping track of the associated meta-data such as genome coordinates and quality scores.

 * It can process the alignment to remove low-quality / ambiguous /
   masked regions.
 * It can export data into a single or multiple alignment file in
   format such as Fasta or Clustal.
 * It can read annotation data in GFF or GTF format, and extract the
   corresponding alignment.
 * It can perform sliding windows calculations.
 * It can reconstruct phylogeny/genealogy along the genome alignment.
 * It can compute population genetics statistics, such as site
   frequency spectrum, number of fixed/polymorphic sites, etc.

This package provides example data for maffilter.

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