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Jobrepository plugin for the LCMAPS authorization framework

The Local Centre MAPping Service (LCMAPS) is a security middleware component that processes the users Grid credentials (typically X.509 proxy certificates and VOMS attributes) and maps the user to a local account based on the site local policy.

This package contains the LCMAPS jobrepository plug-in, which stores credentials and the resulting account mappings into a relational database. This plugin will link up all the known in-process information from LCMAPS core memory and store it in a database. This plug-in uses ODBC (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ODBC) to connect to the database.

The current state of the mappings between various credentials and Unix accounts is stored in an open database on disk, but this information can change over time through (regular) system administrative interventions. This state is now preserved in a relational database with the added benefit of being accessible by other systems, e.g. GridSAFE and build-up an easy to backup historic view on the mapping state.

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