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PKIX certificates management library for Erlang

The idea of the library is to simplify certificates configuration in Erlang programs. Typically an Erlang program which needs certificates (for HTTPS/ MQTT/XMPP/etc) provides a bunch of options such as certfile, chainfile, privkey, etc. The situation becomes even more complicated when a server supports so called virtual domains because a program is typically required to match a virtual domain with its certificate. If a user has plenty of virtual domains it's quickly becoming a nightmare for them to configure all this. The complexity also leads to errors: a single configuration mistake and a program generates obscure log messages, unreadable Erlang tracebacks or, even worse, just silently ignores the errors. Fortunately, the large part of certificates configuration can be automated, reducing a user configuration to something as simple as:


  - /etc/letsencrypt/live/*/*.pem

The purpose of this library is to do this dirty job under the hood.

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