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redis cluster client

This package contains a redis cluster client built on top of the redigo package.

The design goal of redisc is to be as compatible as possible with the redigo. As such, the Cluster type can be used as a drop-in replacement to a redis.Pool, and the connections returned by the cluster implement the redis.Conn interface. The package offers additional features specific to dealing with a cluster that may be needed for more advanced scenarios.

The main features are:

 - Drop-in replacement for redis.Pool (the Cluster type implements
   the same Get and Close method signatures).
 - Connections are redis.Conn interfaces and use the redigo package
   to execute commands, redisc only handles the cluster part.
 - Support for all cluster-supported commands including scripting,
   transactions and pub-sub.
 - Support for READONLY/READWRITE commands to allow reading data
   from replicas.
 - Client-side smart routing, automatically keeps track of which
   node holds which key slots.
 - Automatic retry of MOVED, ASK and TRYAGAIN errors when desired,
   via RetryConn.
 - Manual handling of redirections and retries when desired, via
   IsTryAgain and ParseRedir.
 - Automatic detection of the node to call based on the command's
   first parameter (assumed to be the key).
 - Explicit selection of the node to call via BindConn when needed.
 - Support for optimal batch calls via SplitBySlot.Alternatives
 - redis-go-cluster
 - radix v1 and v2

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