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Пакет: equivs (2.1.0)

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Circumvent Debian package dependencies

This package provides a tool to create trivial Debian packages. Typically these packages contain only dependency information, but they can also include normal installed files like other packages do.

One use for this is to create a metapackage: a package whose sole purpose is to declare dependencies and conflicts on other packages so that these will be automatically installed, upgraded, or removed.

Another use is to circumvent dependency checking: by letting dpkg think a particular package name and version is installed when it isn't, you can work around bugs in other packages' dependencies. (Please do still file such bugs, though.)

Теги: Системное администрирование: Управление пакетами, Разработка программного обеспечения: Упаковка, Реализовано на: implemented-in::perl, interface::commandline, Роль: Программа, Область: Утилита, Комплект приложений: suite::debian, works-with::software:package

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