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Пакет: nmh (1.6-2)

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set of electronic mail handling programs

This is the nmh mail user agent (reader/sender), a command-line based mail reader that is powerful and extensible. nmh is an excellent choice for people who receive and process a lot of mail.

Unlike most mail user agents, nmh is not a single program, rather it is a set of programs that are run from the shell. This allows the user to utilize the full power of the Unix shell in coordination with nmh. Various front-ends are available, such as mh-e (an emacs mode), xmh, and exmh (X11 clients).

nmh was originally based on MH version 6.8.3, and is intended to be a (mostly) compatible drop-in replacement for MH.

Теги: Реализовано на: C, Пользовательский интерфейс: Командная строка, interface::text-mode, mail::pop, Электронная почта: Протокол SMTP, Клиент электронной почты, Сеть: network::client, protocol::pop3, Сетевой протокол: SMTP, Роль: Программа, Область: scope::application, uitoolkit::ncurses, Работает с: Электронная почта

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