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fheroes2 package downloader and builder

This package automatically downloads the fheroes2 source code, builds it, and installs the resulting package.

Fheroes2 binaries are not distributable if built with AI due to a licensing conflict between GPL-2 code and the not-for-sale AI. Fheroes2 may also contain some non-free images.

fheroes2: implementation of classic game Heroes of Might and Magic II. Heroes of Might and Magic II is a classic fantasy turn-based strategy/role-playing game which takes place in the land of Enroth, a place of magic. There are a multitude of creature types, from griffins to rocs, golems to pikemen, unicorns to hydras, and four different dragons. Each castle type has six different creatures, from the weak to the strong. There are six castle types, each corresponding to a hero class: Knight, Sorceress, Wizard (Good side), Barbarian, Necromancer and Warlock (Evil side). There are also six different types of neutral creatures you can recruit in special structures scattered about the maps.

Original game files from CD are needed to play this game.

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