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Пакет: archivemount (0.8.3-1)

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mounts an archive for access as a file system

archivemount is a FUSE based file system for Unix variants, including Linux. Its purpose is to mount archives to a mount point where it can be read from or written to as with any other file system. This makes accessing the contents of the archive, which maybe compressed, transparent to other programs, without decompressing them. The archive formats that archivemount supports are:

 *   old-style tar archives,
 *   most variants of the POSIX 'ustar' format,
 *   the POSIX 'pax interchange' format,
 *   GNU-format tar archives,
 *   most common cpio archive formats,
 *   ISO9660 CD images (with or without RockRidge extensions),
 *   Zip archives.
 *   two different variants of shar archives.
archivemount is FUSE (Filesystem in USErspace).

Теги: Системное администрирование: Инструмент для файловой системы, Роль: Программа, Работает с: Архив

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