Пакеты программ в "experimental", Подсекция fonts

fonts-anonymous-pro (1.002+clean-1)
fixed width font designed for coders
fonts-arabeyes (2.1-4)
Arabeyes GPL TrueType Arabic fonts
fonts-beteckna (0.4-7)
geometric Futura-like sans-serif TrueType font
fonts-liberation (2.00.1-1)
Fonts with the same metrics as Times, Arial and Courier
fonts-opensymbol (2:102.6+LibO4.2.4~rc1-1)
OpenSymbol TrueType font
fonts-senamirmir-washra (4.1-8)
collection of unicode fonts for the Ethiopic script
ttf-anonymous-pro (1.002+clean-1)
transitional package for fonts-anonymous-pro