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module that converts Mediawiki markup into other text formats

Wikipedia and its sister projects use the PHP Mediawiki to format their pages. Text::MediawikiFormat attempts to duplicate the Mediawiki formatting rules. Those formatting rules can be simple and easy to use, while providing more advanced options for the power user. They are also easy to translate into other, more complicated markup languages with this module. It creates HTML by default, but could produce valid POD, DocBook, XML, or any other format imaginable.

The most important function is Text::MediawikiFormat::format(). It is not exported by default, but will be exported as wikiformat() if any options at all are passed to the exporter, unless the name is overridden explicitly. See "EXPORT" for more information.

It should be noted that this module is written as a drop in replacement for Text::WikiMarkup that expands on that modules functionality and provides a default rule set that may be used to format text like the PHP Mediawiki. It is also well to note early that if you just want a Mediawiki clone (you don't need to customize it heavily and you want integration with a back end database), you should look at Wiki::Toolkit::Formatter::Mediawiki.

Теги: Разработка программного обеспечения: Разработка на Perl, Библиотеки, Реализовано на: Perl, Роль: Динамическая библиотека

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