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full featured consistent hashing python library compatible with ketama

Uhashring implements consistent hashing in pure Python.

Consistent hashing is mostly used on distributed systems/caches/databases as this avoid the total reshuffling of your key-node mappings when adding or removing a node in your ring (called continuum on libketama). More information and det ails about this can be found in the *literature* section.

This full featured implementation offers:

 * a lot of convenient methods to use your consistent hash ring in real world
 * simple integration with other libs such as memcache through monkey
 * a full ketama compatibility if you need to use it.
 * all the missing functions in the libketama C python binding (which is not
   even available on pypi) for ketama users.
 * possibility to use your own weight and hash functions if you don't care
   about the ketama compatibility.
 * Instance-oriented usage, so you can use your consistent hash ring object
   directly in your code (see advanced usage).
 * tests of implementation, key distribution and ketama compatibility.

Per node weight is also supported and will affect the nodes distribution on the ring.

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