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Пакет: python3-h5py-dbg (2.10.0-1)

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debug extensions for h5py (Python 3)

HDF5 for Python (h5py) is a general-purpose Python interface to the Hierarchical Data Format library, version 5. HDF5 is a versatile, mature scientific software library designed for the fast, flexible storage of enormous amounts of data.

From a Python programmer's perspective, HDF5 provides a robust way to store data, organized by name in a tree-like fashion. You can create datasets (arrays on disk) hundreds of gigabytes in size, and perform random-access I/O on desired sections. Datasets are organized in a filesystem-like hierarchy using containers called "groups", and accessed using the tradional POSIX /path/to/resource syntax.

H5py provides a simple, robust read/write interface to HDF5 data from Python. Existing Python and Numpy concepts are used for the interface; for example, datasets on disk are represented by a proxy class that supports slicing, and has dtype and shape attributes. HDF5 groups are presented using a dictionary metaphor, indexed by name.

This package provides the debug extensions for Python 3.

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