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Пакет: elpa-atomic-chrome (2.0.0-2)

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edit a web-browser text entry area with Emacs

Atomic Chrome is an extension for the Chromium and Google Chrome browsers that allows one to edit text entry areas of a web-page in Emacs. Atomic Chrome for Emacs also supports the use of GhostText Chromium and Chrome extension.

This package is similar to "Edit with Emacs"; however, it features two advantages over this alternative as a result of its websocket design:

  * Live update: The text entry area for which Atomic Chrome has been
    activated and its associated Emacs buffer are synchronised.
    Updates to one continuously propagate to the other.
  * Bidirectional communication: Edit text in either the browser
    or Emacs and difference is applied to the other half.

Firefox is also supported via the GhostText browser addon.

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