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Пакет: bytes-circle (2.6-1)

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Show byte statistics as an ASCII circle graph

bytes-circle is a program that shows statistics about bytes contained in a file as an ASCII circle graph of deviations from mean in sigma increments.

The program can be useful for statistically analyze the content of files in a glimpse: text files are shown as a green centered crown, compressed and encrypted files should be shown as equally distributed variations with a very low CV (sigma/mean), and other types of files can be classified between these two categories depending on their ASCII vs binary content, which can be useful to quickly determine how information is stored inside them (redis db, mmedia files, etc).

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amd64 9,8 Кб34,0 Кб [список файлов]
arm64 9,4 Кб29,0 Кб [список файлов]
armel 11,9 Кб33,0 Кб [список файлов]
armhf 10,1 Кб29,0 Кб [список файлов]
i386 10,0 Кб33,0 Кб [список файлов]
mips64el 10,0 Кб34,0 Кб [список файлов]
mipsel 10,2 Кб30,0 Кб [список файлов]
ppc64el 10,4 Кб82,0 Кб [список файлов]
s390x 9,5 Кб29,0 Кб [список файлов]