Software Packages in "squeeze", Subsection admin

aboot-base (1.0~pre20040408-3)
base files required for bootable media on Linux/Alpha
aboot-cross (1.0~pre20040408-3+b1 [sparc], 1.0~pre20040408-3 [amd64, armel, i386, ia64, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390])
utility to create bootable ISO-Images for Linux/Alpha
acct (6.5.4-2.1)
The GNU Accounting utilities for process and login accounting
acorn-fdisk (3.0.6-6.4)
Partition editor for Acorn/RISC OS machines
acpi-fakekey (0.137-5)
tool to generate fake key events
acpi-support (0.137-5)
scripts for handling many ACPI events
acpi-support-base (0.137-5)
scripts for handling base ACPI events such as the power button
acpid (1:2.0.7-1squeeze4)
Advanced Configuration and Power Interface event daemon
acpidump (20100513-3)
utilities to dump system's ACPI tables to an ASCII file
adduser (3.112+nmu2)
add and remove users and groups
adjtimex (1.29-2.1)
kernel time variables configuration utility
adtool (1.3.3-2)
command line utility for Active Directory administration
aide (0.15.1-2+squeeze1)
Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment - static binary
aide-common (0.15.1-2+squeeze1)
Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment - Common files
aide-dynamic (0.15.1-2+squeeze1)
Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment - dynamic binary
aide-xen (0.15.1-2+squeeze1)
Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment - static binary for XEN
alien (8.81)
convert and install rpm and other packages
amiga-fdisk (0.04-14)
Partition editor for Amiga
amiga-fdisk-bf (0.04-14)
Partition editor for Amiga (boot-floppies version)
amiga-fdisk-cross (0.04-14)
Partition editor for Amiga partitions (cross version)
anacron (2.3-14)
cron-like program that doesn't go by time
aoetools (30-3)
tools to assist in using ATA over Ethernet
apachetop (0.12.6-12+b1 [armel, ia64], 0.12.6-12 [amd64, i386, kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc])
Realtime Apache monitoring tool
apcupsd (3.14.8-2)
APC UPS Power Management (daemon)
apex-nslu2 (1.6.10)
APEX Boot Loader for Linksys NSLU2
apg (2.2.3.dfsg.1-2)
Automated Password Generator - Standalone version
apmd (3.2.2-14+b1 [armel, ia64, powerpc], 3.2.2-14 [amd64, i386, mips, mipsel, s390, sparc])
Utilities for Advanced Power Management (APM)
approx (4.5-1+squeeze1)
caching proxy server for Debian archive files
apt (
Advanced front-end for dpkg
apt-dater (0.8.4-4+squeeze1)
terminal-based remote package update manager
apt-dater-host (0.8.4-4+squeeze1)
host helper application for apt-dater
apt-file (2.4.0)
search for files within Debian packages (command-line interface)
apt-forktracer (0.3)
a utility for tracking non-official package versions
apt-listbugs (0.1.3)
tool which lists critical bugs before each apt installation
apt-move (4.2.27-1+b9 [ia64], 4.2.27-1+b8 [armel, i386], 4.2.27-1+b7 [amd64, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc], 4.2.27-1+b2 [kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386])
Maintain Debian packages in a package pool
apt-offline (0.9.9squeeze3)
offline apt package manager
apt-show-source (0.10)
Shows source-package information
apt-show-versions (0.16+squeeze1)
lists available package versions with distribution
apt-spy (3.1-19)
writes a sources.list file based on bandwidth tests
apt-src (0.25.1-0.1)
manage Debian source packages
apt-transport-debtorrent (0.2.2)
an APT transport for communicating with DebTorrent
apt-transport-https (
APT https transport
apt-utils (
APT utility programs
apt-watch (0.3.2-15)
Applet that monitors apt sources for upgrades (transitional package)
apt-watch-backend (0.3.2-15)
Applet that monitors apt sources for upgrades (backend slave)
apt-watch-gnome (0.3.2-15)
Applet that monitors apt sources for upgrades (GNOME applet)
apt-xapian-index (0.41)
maintenance and search tools for a Xapian index of Debian packages
apt-zip (0.18)
Update a non-networked computer using apt and removable media
aptdaemon (0.31+bzr413-1.1)
transaction based package management service
apticron (1.1.42)
Simple tool to mail about pending package updates
aptitude (0.6.3-3.2+squeeze1)
terminal-based package manager (terminal interface only)
aptitude-gtk (0.6.3-3.2+squeeze1)
terminal-based package manager (GUI and terminal interfaces)
aptoncd (0.1.98+bzr117-1.1)
Installation disc creator for packages downloaded via APT
aptsh (0.0.7+nmu1+b4 [armel, ia64], 0.0.7+nmu1+b3 [amd64, i386, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc], 0.0.7+nmu1+b2 [kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386])
apt interactive shell
arcboot (0.3.14+squeeze0)
Bootloader for MIPS based SGI IP22 and IP32 machines
arcload (0.5-7)
bootloader for SGI/ARCS machines
arp-scan (1.6-2)
arp scanning and fingerprinting tool
arpwatch (2.1a15-1.1+squeeze1)
Ethernet/FDDI station activity monitor
array-info (0.15-1)
command line tool reporting RAID status for several RAID types
arrayprobe (2.0-3.1)
command line HP (Compaq) SmartArray status checker
asql (1.5-1)
Run SQL queries against apache logs
at (3.1.12-1+squeeze1)
Delayed job execution and batch processing
atop (1.23-1+squeeze1)
Monitor for system resources and process activity
atsar (1.7-2+b1 [mips, mipsel], 1.7-2 [amd64, armel, i386, ia64, powerpc, s390, sparc])
system activity reporter
audispd-plugins (1.7.13-1+b2)
Plugins for the audit event dispatcher
auditd (1.7.13-1+b2)
User space tools for security auditing
augeas-tools (0.7.2-1)
Augeas command line tools
auto-apt (0.3.22)
package search by file and on-demand package installation tool
autolog (0.40-13.1)
Terminates connections for idle users
automysqlbackup (2.5-6)
a daily, weekly and monthly backup for your MySQL database
autopsy (2.24-1)
graphical interface to SleuthKit
backup-manager (0.7.9-3)
command-line backup tool
backup2l (1.5-3)
low-maintenance backup/restore tool
backupninja (
lightweight, extensible meta-backup system
bacula (5.0.2-2.2+squeeze1)
network backup, recovery and verification - meta-package
bacula-client (5.0.2-2.2+squeeze1)
network backup, recovery and verification - client meta-package
bacula-common (5.0.2-2.2+squeeze1)
network backup, recovery and verification - common support files
bacula-common-mysql (5.0.2-2.2+squeeze1)
network backup, recovery and verification - MySQL common files
bacula-common-pgsql (5.0.2-2.2+squeeze1)
network backup, recovery and verification - PostgreSQL common files
bacula-common-sqlite3 (5.0.2-2.2+squeeze1)
network backup, recovery and verification - SQLite v3 common files
bacula-console (5.0.2-2.2+squeeze1)
network backup, recovery and verification - text console
bacula-director-common (5.0.2-2.2+squeeze1)
network backup, recovery and verification - Director common files
bacula-director-mysql (5.0.2-2.2+squeeze1)
network backup, recovery and verification - MySQL storage for Director
bacula-director-pgsql (5.0.2-2.2+squeeze1)
network backup, recovery and verification - PostgreSQL storage for Director
bacula-director-sqlite (5.0.2-2.2+squeeze1)
network backup, recovery and verification - SQLite 2 director transition
bacula-director-sqlite3 (5.0.2-2.2+squeeze1)
network backup, recovery and verification - SQLite 3 storage for Director
bacula-fd (5.0.2-2.2+squeeze1)
network backup, recovery and verification - file daemon
bacula-sd (5.0.2-2.2+squeeze1)
network backup, recovery and verification - storage daemon
bacula-sd-mysql (5.0.2-2.2+squeeze1)
network backup, recovery and verification - MySQL SD tools
bacula-sd-pgsql (5.0.2-2.2+squeeze1)
network backup, recovery and verification - PostgreSQL SD tools
bacula-sd-sqlite (5.0.2-2.2+squeeze1)
network backup, recovery and verification - SQLite SD tools
bacula-sd-sqlite3 (5.0.2-2.2+squeeze1)
network backup, recovery and verification - SQLite 3 SD tools
bacula-server (5.0.2-2.2+squeeze1)
network backup, recovery and verification - server meta-package
bacula-traymonitor (5.0.2-2.2+squeeze1)
network backup, recovery and verification - tray monitor
balance (3.42-1)
Load balancing solution and generic tcp proxy
base-files (6.0squeeze10)
Debian base system miscellaneous files
base-passwd (3.5.22+b1 [sparc], 3.5.22 [amd64, armel, i386, ia64, kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390])
Debian base system master password and group files
battery-stats (0.3.5-1)
collects statistics about charge of laptop batteries
bcfg2 (1.0.1-3+squeeze2)
Configuration management client
bcfg2-server (1.0.1-3+squeeze2)
Configuration management server
bcron (0.09-11+squeeze1)
Bruce's cron system (programs)
bcron-run (0.09-11+squeeze1)
Bruce's cron system
bindgraph (0.2a-5.1)
DNS statistics RRDtool frontend for BIND9
binfmt-support (1.2.18)
Support for extra binary formats
bkhive (1.1.1-1)
Dump the syskey bootkey from a Windows NT/2K/XP system hive
bld (
Black List Daemon, automatically build blacklists
bld-postfix (
Postfix tools for the Black List Daemon
bld-tools (
Generic tools for Black List Daemon
bleachbit (0.8.0-1)
delete unnecessary files from the system
blktool (4-6)
tune low-level block device parameters
blueproximity (1.2.5-5)
locks/unlocks your desktop tracking a bluetooth device
bluetooth (4.66-3)
Bluetooth support
bluewho (0.1-1)
notifies new discovered bluetooth devices
bluez (4.66-3)
Bluetooth tools and daemons
bluez-alsa (4.66-3)
Bluetooth ALSA support
bluez-audio (4.66-3)
Transitional package
bluez-compat (4.66-3)
BlueZ 3.x compatibility binaries
bluez-cups (4.66-3)
Bluetooth printer driver for CUPS
bluez-gstreamer (4.66-3)
Bluetooth GStreamer support
bluez-hcidump (1.42-2)
Analyses Bluetooth HCI packets
bluez-pcmcia-support (4.66-3)
PCMCIA support files for BlueZ 2.0 Bluetooth tools
bluez-utils (4.66-3)
Transitional package
brltty (4.2-7+squeeze2)
Access software for a blind person using a braille display
brltty-flite (4.2-7+squeeze2)
Access software for a blind person - Flite speech driver
brltty-speechd (4.2-7+squeeze2)
Access software for a blind person - Speech Dispatcher driver
brltty-x11 (4.2-7+squeeze2)
Access software for a blind person using a braille display - X11 drivers
broadcom-sta-common ( [non-free]
Common files for the Broadcom STA Wireless driver
broadcom-sta-source ( [non-free]
Source for the Broadcom STA Wireless driver
bsign (0.4.5)
Corruption & intrusion detection using embedded hashes
btrfs-tools (0.19+20100601-3)
Checksumming Copy on Write Filesystem utilities
bum (2.5.2-1)
graphical runlevel editor
bup (0.17b-2squeeze1)
highly efficient file backup system based on git
c2050 (0.3b-1)
Lexmark 2050 Color Jetprinter Linux Driver
calife (1:3.0.1-3)
Provides super user privileges to specific users
cciss-vol-status (1.06-1)
HP SmartArray RAID Volume Status Checker
cdbackup (0.7.0-5)
CD-R(W) backup utility
cdebconf-gtk (0.153+squeeze2)
Gtk+ frontend for Debian Configuration Management System
cdebootstrap (0.5.7)
Bootstrap a Debian system
cdebootstrap-static (0.5.7)
Bootstrap a Debian system - static binary
cedar-backup2 (2.20.1-1)
local and remote backups to CD or DVD media
cfengine2 (2.2.10-2)
Tool for configuring and maintaining network machines
cfengine3 (3.0.5+dfsg-1)
tool for configuring and maintaining network machines
cfget (0.17-1)
featureful tool to read values from config files
cfgstoragemaker (1.1-3)
MRTG config generator for storage monitoring via SNMP
cgroup-bin (0.36.2-3+squeeze1)
Tools to control and monitor control groups
checkinstall (1.6.2-1)
installation tracker
checksecurity (2.0.13)
basic system security checks
checkservice (1.1.0-11)
Checks the status of services on (remote) hosts
chiark-really (4.1.28+nmu2)
really - a tool for gaining privilege (simple, realistic sudo)
chiark-scripts (4.1.28+nmu2)
chiark system administration scripts
chkconfig (11.0-79.1-2)
system tool to enable or disable system services
chntpw (0.99.6-2)
NT SAM password recovery utility
chrony (1.24-3+squeeze1+b1 [amd64], 1.24-3+squeeze1 [armel, i386, ia64, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc])
Sets your computer's clock from time servers on the Net
chrootuid (1.3-5)
Run commands in restricted environments
cluster-agents (1:1.0.3-3.1)
The reusable cluster components for Linux HA
cluster-glue (1.0.6-1)
The reusable cluster components for Linux HA
cluster-glue-dev (1.0.6-1)
Development files for the cluster glue components
clusterssh (4.00.05-3)
administer multiple ssh or rsh shells simultaneously
clvm (2.02.66-5)
Cluster LVM Daemon for lvm2
cman (3.0.12-2)
Red Hat cluster suite - cluster manager
cobalt-panel-utils (1.0.2-3)
System utilities for Sun Cobalt's LCD and LEDs
colo (1.22-1)
boot loader for MIPS based Cobalt machines
command-not-found (0.2.38-1)
Suggest installation of packages in interactive bash sessions
compartment (1.1.0-4)
Confine services in a limited environment
configure-debian (1.0.2-0.1)
central configuration program for packages using debconf
console-log (1.1-2)
Puts a logfile pager on virtual consoles
consolekit (0.4.1-4)
framework for defining and tracking users, sessions and seats
conspy (1.7-2)
Remote control of Linux virtual consoles
controlaula (1.4.0-1)
Classroom management tool
convirt (1.1-1)
A graphical Xen management tool
coolkey (1.1.0-6)
Smart Card PKCS #11 cryptographic module
corosync (1.2.1-4)
Standards-based cluster framework (daemon and modules)
couriergraph (0.25-4)
Mail statistics RRDtool frontend for Courier-{POP,IMAP}
cpu (1.4.3-11.2)
a console based LDAP user management tool
cpudyn (1.0-2.1)
CPU dynamic frequency control for processors with scaling
cpufreqd (2.4.2-1)
fully configurable daemon for dynamic frequency and voltage scaling
cpufrequtils (007-1+squeeze1)
utilities to deal with the cpufreq Linux kernel feature
cpuid (3.3-9)
Intel and AMD x86 CPUID display program
cpulimit (1.1-13)
tool for limiting the CPU usage of a process
crack (5.0a-9.1)
Password guessing program
virtual package provided by crack-md5
crack-common (5.0a-9.1)
Password guessing program
crack-md5 (5.0a-9.1)
Password guessing program
cracklib-runtime (2.8.16-4)
runtime support for password checker library cracklib2
createrepo (0.4.11-1)
generates the metadata necessary for a RPM package repository
cron (3.0pl1-116)
process scheduling daemon
virtual package provided by bcron-run
cron-apt (0.8.2)
automatic update of packages using apt-get
cruft (0.9.12)
Find any cruft built up on your system
cryptkeeper (0.9.4-1)
EncFS system tray applet for GNOME
cryptmount (4.1-2)
Management of encrypted file systems
cryptsetup (2:1.1.3-4squeeze2)
configures encrypted block devices
csync2 (1.34-2.2)
cluster synchronization tool
customdeb (0.1)
Modfies binary Debian package
cvm (0.96-1)
Credential Validation Modules
cvm-mysql (0.96-1)
Credential Validation Modules (MySQL)
cvm-pgsql (0.96-1)
Credential Validation Modules (PostgreSQL)
daemontools (1:0.76-3)
a collection of tools for managing UNIX services
daemontools-run (1:0.76-3)
daemontools service supervision
daptup (0.10.0)
reporter of changes in list of available packages from repositories
das-watchdog (0.9.0-2)
solves system lock-ups by making all processes non-realtime
dbconfig-common (1.8.46+squeeze.0)
common framework for packaging database applications
dcfldd (
enhanced version of dd for forensics and security
dchroot (1.4.19-1+squeeze1)
Execute commands in a chroot environment
dchroot-dsa (1.4.19-1+squeeze1)
Execute commands in a chroot environment
dconf (0.5.1-2)
collect system information
debconf (
Debian configuration management system
debconf-english (
small footprint English-only debconf
debfoster (2.7-1.1)
Install only wanted Debian packages
debian-builder (1.8)
Rebuild Debian packages from source code
debian-cd (3.1.5)
Tools for building (Official) Debian CD set
debirf (0.27-1)
build a kernel and initrd to run Debian from RAM
debootstrap (1.0.26+squeeze1)
Bootstrap a basic Debian system
deborphan (
program that can find unused packages, e.g. libraries
debram (1.0.3-0.1)
ramified catalog of available .debs
debram-data (1.0.3-0.1)
debram's architecture-independent data
debsecan (0.4.14)
Debian Security Analyzer
debsig-verify (0.7+b1 [mips, mipsel], 0.7 [amd64, armel, i386, ia64, kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386, powerpc, s390, sparc])
Debian Package Signature Verification Tool
debsums (2.0.48+nmu3)
tool for verification of installed package files against MD5 checksums
debtags (1.7.11)
Enables support for package tags
deets (0.0.5-1)
decentralized model-based administration tool
defoma (0.11.11)
Debian Font Manager -- automatic font configuration framework
delo (0.8-2.6+b1 [armel, ia64], 0.8-2.6 [amd64, i386, kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc])
The DECstation boot loader
detachtty (9+b1 [mips, mipsel], 9 [amd64, armel, i386, ia64, kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386, powerpc, s390, sparc])
Attach/detach from interactive processes across the network
dh-metainit (0.0.5)
Debhelper addon to install and register a metainit file
dhcpdump (1.8-2)
Parse DHCP packets from tcpdump
dhcping (1.2-4)
DHCP Daemon Ping Program
dibbler-client (0.7.3-1.3)
portable DHCPv6 client
dibbler-relay (0.7.3-1.3)
portable DHCPv6 relay
dibbler-server (0.7.3-1.3)
portable DHCPv6 server
diffmon (20020222-2.5)
Tool for reporting changes in system configuration
dirvish (1.2.1-1.1)
Filesystem based backup system using rsync
discover (2.1.2-5)
hardware identification system
dish (1.17.1-1)
the diligence/distributed shell for parallel sysadmin
disk-manager (1.0.1-5)
simple graphical filesystem configurator
djagios (0.1.3+dfsg-1)
A package to help configure nagios written in Django
dlm-pcmk (3.0.12-2)
Red Hat cluster suite - DLM pacemaker module
dmraid (1.0.0.rc16-4.1)
Device-Mapper Software RAID support tool
dmsetup (2:1.02.48-5)
The Linux Kernel Device Mapper userspace library
dphys-config (20100216-1)
Tool to distribute config files
dphys-swapfile (20061020-3)
Autogenerate and use a swap file
dpkg (1.15.11)
Debian package management system
dpkg-repack (1.32)
puts an unpacked .deb file back together
dpsyco (1.0.36)
Debian packages of system configurations
dpsyco-base (1.0.36)
Base package for the debian packages of system configurations
dpsyco-cfengine (1.0.36)
Automate applying of cfengine configs
dpsyco-devel (1.0.36)
Tools to create configuration packages
dpsyco-lib (1.0.36)
Libraries for the debian packages of system configurations
dpsyco-mysql (1.0.36)
Automate administration of access to mysql
dpsyco-patch (1.0.36)
Automatically patch the debian file-system
dpsyco-samba (1.0.36)
Automate administration of access to samba
dpsyco-skel (1.0.36)
Automatically install a add-on skeleton
dpsyco-ssh (1.0.36)
Automate administration of access via ssh
dpsyco-sudo (1.0.36)
Automate administration of sudo privileges
dpt-i2o-raidutils (0.0.6-11)
Adaptec I2O hardware RAID management utilities
drbd8-utils (2:8.3.7-2.1)
RAID 1 over tcp/ip for Linux utilities
drbdlinks (1.18-2)
Manages symlinks into a shared DRBD partition
driftnet (0.1.6-9+b1)
Picks out and displays images from network traffic
dselect (1.15.11)
Debian package management front-end
dstat (0.7.2-1)
versatile resource statistics tool
dsyslog (0.6.0+b1)
advanced modular syslog daemon
dsyslog-module-gnutls (0.6.0+b1)
advanced modular syslog daemon - GnuTLS support
dsyslog-module-mysql (0.6.0+b1)
advanced modular syslog daemon - MySQL support
dsyslog-module-postgresql (0.6.0+b1)
advanced modular syslog daemon - PostgreSQL support
dvbackup (0.0.4rj1-6.1)
backup tool using MiniDV camcorders
e2fsck-static (1.41.12-4stable1)
statically-linked version of the ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem checker
e2fsprogs (1.41.12-4stable1)
ext2/ext3/ext4 file system utilities
e2undel (0.82-1.1)
Undelete utility for the ext2 file system
edac-utils (0.16-1)
report kernel-detected PCI and ECC RAM errors
efibootmgr (0.5.4-2)
Interact with the EFI Boot Manager
elilo (3.12-4)
Bootloader for systems using EFI-based firmware
emuga (0.1.2)
extended modelling of group access
eql (1.2.ds1-2)
load balancing tool for serial network connections
equivs (2.0.8)
Circumvent Debian package dependencies
espeakup (1:0.71-1)
Connector between speakup kernel modules and espeak
etckeeper (0.48)
store /etc in git, mercurial, bzr or darcs
etherboot (5.4.4-9)
Bootstrapping for various network adapters
etherboot-qemu (5.4.4-9)
Bootstrapping for various network adapters (qemu)
ewf-tools (20100226-1)
collection of tools for reading and writing EWF files
execstack (0.0.20090925-1)
ELF GNU_STACK program header editing utility
ext3grep (0.10.1-3+b1 [amd64, armel, i386, ia64], 0.10.1-3 [mipsel])
Tool to help recover deleted files on ext3 filesystems
facter (1.5.7-3)
a library for retrieving facts from operating systems
fai-client (3.4.7)
Fully Automatic Installation client package
fai-nfsroot (3.4.7)
Fully Automatic Installation nfsroot package
fai-quickstart (3.4.7)
Fully Automatic Installation quickstart package
fai-server (3.4.7)
Fully Automatic Installation server package
fai-setup-storage (3.4.7)
automatically prepare storage devices
fake (1.1.11-1+b1 [amd64, armel, i386, powerpc], 1.1.11-1 [ia64, mips, mipsel, s390, sparc])
IP address takeover tool
fam (2.7.0-17)
File Alteration Monitor
fbset (2.1-24)
framebuffer device maintenance program
fcheck (2.7.59-14)
IDS filesystem baseline integrity checker
fcron (3.0.1-1.3)
cron-like scheduler with extended capabilities
febootstrap (2.7-0.1)
tool for bootstrapping a Fedora system (like Debian debootstrap)
fgetty (0.6-5)
very small, efficient, console-only getty and login
file-rc (0.8.12)
Alternative boot mechanism using a single configuration file
filetraq (0.2-14)
Small utility to keep track of changes in config files
firestarter (1.0.3-8)
gtk program for managing and observing your firewall
flamethrower (0.1.8-3)
Multicast file distribution utility
flashybrid (0.16)
automates use of a flash disk as the root filesystem
flexbackup (1.2.1-6)
Flexible backup tool for small to medium sized installations
foremost (1.5.7-1)
Forensics application to recover data
francine (0.99.8orig-6)
feature rich ansi console login engine
freeipmi-bmc-watchdog (0.7.17~beta2-1)
GNU implementation of the IPMI protocol - BMC watchdog
freeipmi-common (0.7.17~beta2-1)
GNU implementation of the IPMI protocol - common files
freeipmi-ipmidetect (0.7.17~beta2-1)
GNU IPMI - IPMI node detection tool
freeipmi-tools (0.7.17~beta2-1)
GNU implementation of the IPMI protocol - Tools
fsarchiver (0.6.10-1)
file system archiver
fslint (2.40-2)
A utility to fix problems with filesystems' data, like duplicate files
fsprotect (1.0.5)
Helper scripts to make filesystems immutable
fsvs (1.1.17-1)
Full system versioning with metadata support
fuseiso (20070708-2)
FUSE module to mount ISO filesystem images
fwknop-client (1.9.12-2)
FireWall KNock OPerator client side
fwknop-server (1.9.12-2)
FireWall KNock OPerator server side
fwsnort (1.1-2)
Snort-to-iptables rule translator
fxload (0.0.20081013-1)
Firmware download to EZ-USB devices
gadmin-bind (0.2.5-1)
GTK+ configuration tool for bind9
gadmin-dhcpd (0.4.9-1)
GTK+ configuration tool for dhcpd3-server
gadmin-openvpn-client (0.1.2-4)
GTK+ configuration tool for openvpn (client)
gadmin-openvpn-server (0.1.5-3.1)
GTK+ configuration tool for openvpn (server)
gadmin-proftpd (1:0.4.0-1)
GTK+ configuration tool for proftpd
gadmin-rsync (0.1.5-2)
GTK+ configuration tool for rsync
gadmin-samba (0.2.9-2)
GTK+ configuration tool for samba
gadmin-squid (0.1.3-1)
GTK+ configuration tool for squid
gadmin-tools (8)
GTK+ server administration tools (transitional package)
gadmintools (8)
GTK+ server administration tools (meta-package)
galternatives (0.13.5+nmu2)
graphical setup tool for the alternatives system
gamin (0.1.10-2+b1)
File and directory monitoring system
ganeti-htools (0.2.6-1)
Cluster allocation tools for Ganeti
ganeti-instance-debootstrap (0.9-3)
debootstrap-based instance OS definition for ganeti
ganeti2 (2.1.6-1+squeeze1)
Cluster-based virtualization management software
gapcmon (0.8.9-2)
APC UPS Power Management (GUI)
gdebi (0.6.4+squeeze1)
Simple tool to install deb files - GNOME GUI
gdebi-core (0.6.4+squeeze1)
Simple tool to install deb files
gdebi-kde (0.6.4+squeeze1)
Simple tool to install deb files - KDE GUI
genders (1.14-2)
cluster configuration management database tools
genext2fs (1.4.1-2.2)
ext2 filesystem generator for embedded systems
genpower (1.0.5-2.3)
Monitor UPS and handle line power failures
genromfs (0.5.2-2)
This is the mkfs equivalent for romfs filesystem
gfs-pcmk (3.0.12-2)
Red Hat cluster suite - GFS pacemaker module
gfs-tools (3.0.12-2)
Red Hat cluster suite - global file system tools
gfs2-tools (3.0.12-2)
Red Hat cluster suite - global file system 2 tools
gir1.0-memphis-0.2 (0.2.3-1)
A map-rendering library for OpenStreetMap (GObject Introspection files)
gkdebconf (1.2.64)
Helper to reconfigure packages with Debconf
gksu (2.0.2-5)
graphical frontend to su
glusterfs-client (3.0.5-1)
clustered file-system (client package)
glusterfs-examples (3.0.5-1)
example files for the glusterfs server and client
glusterfs-server (3.0.5-1)
clustered file-system (server package)
gnome-disk-utility (2.30.1-2)
manage and configure disk drives and media
gobi-loader (0.6-1) [contrib]
Firmware loader for Qualcomm Gobi USB chipsets.
goplay (0.4-1+b1)
games (and more) package browser using DebTags
gpaco (2.0.9-1)
simple but yet powerful source code package management system(GUI)
gpart (0.1h-11+b2 [armel, ia64], 0.1h-11+b1 [amd64, i386], 0.1h-11 [mipsel])
Guess PC disk partition table, find lost partitions
gptsync (0.14-2)
GPT and MBR partition tables synchronisation tool
gradm2 (2.1.14~200910072130-1)
Administration program for the grsecurity2 RBAC based ACL system
grub (0.97-64)
GRand Unified Bootloader (dummy package)
virtual package provided by grub-legacy
grub-choose-default (0.2-6)
Control Grub Default through a GUI
grub-common (1.98+20100804-14+squeeze1)
GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (common files)
grub-coreboot (1.98+20100804-14+squeeze1)
GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (Coreboot version)
grub-disk (0.97-64)
GRUB bootable disk image (dummy package)
grub-efi (1.98+20100804-14+squeeze1)
GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (dummy package)
grub-efi-amd64 (1.98+20100804-14+squeeze1)
GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (EFI-AMD64 version)
grub-efi-ia32 (1.98+20100804-14+squeeze1)
GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (EFI-IA32 version)
grub-emu (1.98+20100804-14+squeeze1)
GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (emulated version)
grub-firmware-qemu (1.98+20100804-14+squeeze1)
GRUB firmware image for QEMU
grub-ieee1275 (1.98+20100804-14+squeeze1)
GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (Open Firmware version)
grub-legacy (0.97-64)
GRand Unified Bootloader (Legacy version)
grub-linuxbios (1.98+20100804-14+squeeze1)
GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (dummy package)
grub-pc (1.98+20100804-14+squeeze1)
GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (PC/BIOS version)
grub-rescue-pc (1.98+20100804-14+squeeze1)
GRUB bootable rescue images, version 2 (PC/BIOS version)
grub-splashimages (1.2.3)
a collection of great GRUB splashimages
grub-yeeloong (1.98+20100804-14+squeeze1)
GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (Yeeloong version)
grub2 (1.98+20100804-14+squeeze1)
GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (dummy package)
grub2-splashimages (1.0.1)
a collection of great GRUB2 splashimages
gsutil (3.0-3)
configure and manage Grandstream BudgeTone 100 VOIP and GX2000 phones
gtimelog (0.0+svn88-3)
minimal timelogging system
gtkorphan (0.4.4-1)
A graphical tool to find and remove orphaned libraries
gufw (9.10.2-1)
graphical user interface for ufw
gui-apt-key (0.4-2)
Graphical Key Manager for APT
hal (0.5.14-3)
Hardware Abstraction Layer
hal-info (20091130-1)
Hardware Abstraction Layer - fdi files
halevt (
generic handler for HAL events
hapm (0.7-1)
light and fast high availability port monitor
harden (0.1.37)
Makes your system hardened
harden-clients (0.1.37)
Avoid clients that are known to be insecure
harden-development (0.1.37)
Development tools for creating more secure programs
harden-environment (0.1.37)
Hardened system environment
harden-nids (0.1.37)
Harden a system by using a network intrusion detection system
harden-remoteaudit (0.1.37)
Audit your remote systems from this host
harden-servers (0.1.37)
Avoid servers that are known to be insecure
harden-surveillance (0.1.37)
Check services and/or servers automatically
harden-tools (0.1.37)
Tools to enhance or analyze the security of the local system
hdparm (9.32-1)
tune hard disk parameters for high performance
heartbeat (1:3.0.3-2)
Subsystem for High-Availability Linux
hostname (3.04)
utility to set/show the host name or domain name
hotswap (0.4.0-11)
(de)register hotswappable IDE hardware
hotswap-gui (0.4.0-11+b1)
(de)register hotswappable IDE hardware (GUI front-ends)
hotswap-text (0.4.0-11+b1)
(de)register hotswappable IDE hardware (command line tool)
hp-search-mac (0.1.3)
Search for a MAC address on HP switches
hwinfo (16.0-2)
Hardware identification system
hwloc (1.0.2-2)
Hierarchical view of the machine - utilities
hwloc-nox (1.0.2-2)
Hierarchical view of the machine - non-X version of utilities
ifupdown (0.6.10)
high level tools to configure network interfaces
virtual package provided by netscript-2.4-upstart, netscript-2.4
ifupdown-extra (0.14.2)
Network scripts for ifupdown
iisemulator (0.95-3)
Emulation for the IIS web server
ikeyd (0.6.1)
Daemon for handling special Apple laptop hotkeys
imvirt (0.9.0-2)
detects several virtualizations
incron (0.5.9-5)
cron-like daemon which handles filesystem events
initscripts (2.88dsf-13.1+squeeze1)
scripts for initializing and shutting down the system
ink (0.5.1-1)
tool for checking the ink level of your local printer
inkblot (0.99.9-2)
GNOME ink level monitor
integrit (4.1-1)
A file integrity verification program
intel-microcode (0.20100826-1) [non-free]
Processor microcode data file for Intel CPUs
iotop (0.4-2+squeeze1)
simple top-like I/O monitor
ips (4.0-1)
Intelligent process status
iptables-persistent (0.0.20100801)
Simple package to set up iptables on boot
iptotal (0.3.3-12)
monitor for IP traffic, not requiring SNMP
iptstate (2.2.2-2)
top-like interface to your netfilter connection-tracking table
isag (
Interactive System Activity Grapher for sysstat
itop (0.1-4)
simple top-like interrupt load monitor
iwatch (0.2.2-1)
realtime filesystem monitoring program using inotify
ixp4xx-microcode (2.4-3) [non-free]
Binary microcode for the IXP4xx ethernet
jablicator (1.0.1)
Share a set of package choices
jailer (0.4-15)
Builds and maintains chrooted environments
jailtool (1.1-4)
Tool to build chroot-jails for daemons
jfsutils (1.1.12-2.1)
utilities for managing the JFS filesystem
john (
active password cracking tool
john-data (
active password cracking tool - character sets
jxplorer (3.2.1+dfsg-5)
Java LDAP Browser
kalternatives (0.13-2)
graphical alternatives system configuration tool
kcron (4:4.4.5-4)
program scheduler frontend - transitional package
kde-config-cron (4:4.4.5-4)
program scheduler frontend
keepalived (1:1.1.20-1+squeeze1)
Failover and monitoring daemon for LVS clusters
kexec-tools (1:2.0.1-4)
kexec tool for kexec reboots
keytouch (2.4.1-11)
A program to configure extra function keys in multimedia keyboards
keytouch-data (2.4.1-11)
keyboard definition files and documentation for keytouch
keytouch-editor (1:3.2.0~beta-3)
create keyboard files for keytouch
keyutils (1.4-1)
Linux Key Management Utilities
klogd (1.5-6)
Kernel Logging Daemon
virtual package provided by busybox-syslogd
kolab-webadmin (2.2.3-20091217-4)
Kolab administration web interface
kolabadmin (0.0.20080222-3)
Kolab administration tool
kpartx (0.4.8+git0.761c66f-10)
create device mappings for partitions
ksplice (0.9.9-3)
Patching live kernel without having to reboot
ksystemlog (4:4.4.5-4)
system log viewer
kuser (4:4.4.5-4)
user and group administration tool
laptop-net (2.26-9)
Automatically adapt laptop Ethernet
launchtool (0.8-1+b1 [amd64, armel, kfreebsd-amd64], 0.8-1 [i386, ia64, kfreebsd-i386, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc])
command launcher and supervisor
lavaps (2.7-4.2+b1 [mips, s390, sparc], 2.7-4.2 [amd64, armel, i386, ia64, mipsel, powerpc])
a lava lamp of currently running processes
ldap2dns (0.3.1-3+squeeze1)
LDAP based DNS management system.
ldapdiff (0.9.2-1.1)
Tool to synchronize ldap servers using ldif formatted input files
ldapscripts (1.9.0-2)
Add and remove user and groups (stored in a LDAP directory)
ldaptor-utils (0.0.43+debian1-3)
command-line LDAP utilities
ldaptor-webui (0.0.43+debian1-3)
web user interface for editing LDAP directories
ldirectord (1:1.0.3-3.1)
Monitors virtual services provided by LVS
ldiskfsck (1.41.10-1)
statically-linked lustre version of the ext2 filesystem checker
lfsck (1.41.10-1)
statically linked version of the lustre filesystem checker
lib32nss-mdns (0.10-3.1)
NSS module for Multicast DNS name resolution (32-bits version)
libcap-ng-utils (0.6.4-1)
Utilities for analysing and setting file capabilities
libcluster-glue (1.0.6-1)
The reusable cluster components for Linux HA (libraries)
libengine-tpm-openssl (0.4.1+20071221-8)
OpenSSL engine for TPM modules
libmcs-utils (0.7.1-1)
Tools for the maintenance of the mcs system
libmemphis-0.2-0 (0.2.3-1)
A map-rendering library for OpenStreetMap
libnss-db (2.2.3pre1-3.1+b7 [powerpc], 2.2.3pre1-3.1+b5 [armel, ia64], 2.2.3pre1-3.1+b3 [mips, sparc], 2.2.3pre1-3.1+b2 [amd64, i386, kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386, mipsel, s390])
NSS module for using Berkeley Databases as a naming service
libnss-extrausers (0.3-1)
nss module to have an additional passwd, shadow and group file
libnss-gw-name (0.2-1)
nss module that names the current gateway’s IP address
libnss-ldap (264-2.2)
NSS module for using LDAP as a naming service
virtual package provided by libnss-ldapd
libnss-ldapd (0.7.15+squeeze4)
NSS module for using LDAP as a naming service
libnss-lwres (0.93-6+b1)
NSS module for using bind9's lwres as a naming service
libnss-mdns (0.10-3.1+b1 [armel, ia64], 0.10-3.1 [amd64, i386, kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc])
NSS module for Multicast DNS name resolution
libnss-myhostname (0.2-5)
nss module providing falback resolution for the current hostname
libnss-mysql (1.0-4+b1)
NSS module for MySQL
libnss-mysql-bg (1.5-2)
NSS module for using MySQL as a naming service
libnss-pgsql2 (1.4.0debian-3)
NSS module for using PostgreSQL as a naming service
libnss3-tools (3.12.8-1+squeeze7)
Network Security Service tools
libpam-afs-session (1.7-2)
PAM module to set up a PAG and obtain AFS tokens
libpam-alreadyloggedin (0.3-2)
PAM module to skip password authentication for logged users
libpam-blue (0.9.0-3)
PAM module for local authenticaction with bluetooth devices
libpam-ccreds (10-5)
Pam module to cache authentication credentials
libpam-cgroup (0.36.2-3+squeeze1)
A PAM module to move a user session into a cgroup
libpam-chroot (0.9-3)
Chroot Pluggable Authentication Module for PAM
libpam-ck-connector (0.4.1-4)
ConsoleKit PAM module
libpam-cracklib (1.1.1-6.1+squeeze1)
PAM module to enable cracklib support
libpam-dbus (0.2-1)
A PAM module which asks the logged in user for confirmation
libpam-devperm (1.6-1)
PAM module to change device ownership on login
libpam-dotfile (0.7-4)
A PAM module which allows users to have more than one password
libpam-encfs (
PAM module to automatically mount encfs filesystems on login
libpam-foreground (0.7)
transitional dummy package which can be safely removed
libpam-gnome-keyring (2.30.3-5)
PAM module to unlock the GNOME keyring upon login
libpam-heimdal (4.3-1)
PAM module for Heimdal Kerberos
libpam-krb5 (4.3-1)
PAM module for MIT Kerberos
libpam-krb5-migrate-heimdal (0.0.9-1+b2 [armel, ia64], 0.0.9-1+b1 [amd64, i386, kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc])
PAM module for migrating to Kerberos
libpam-ldap (184-8.5)
Pluggable Authentication Module for LDAP
virtual package provided by libpam-ldapd
libpam-ldapd (0.7.15+squeeze4)
PAM module for using LDAP as an authentication service
libpam-modules (1.1.1-6.1+squeeze1)
Pluggable Authentication Modules for PAM
libpam-mount (2.5-3)
PAM module that can mount volumes for a user session
libpam-musclecard (1.1.7-1)
PAM module for MuscleCard Framework
libpam-mysql (0.7~RC1-4+b1)
PAM module allowing authentication from a MySQL server
libpam-ncp (2.2.6-8)
PAM module allowing authentication from a NetWare server
libpam-nufw (2.4.2-1)
The authenticating firewall [PAM module]
libpam-openafs-kaserver (
AFS distributed filesystem kaserver PAM module
libpam-opie (0.21-8)
Use OTPs for PAM authentication
libpam-otpw (1.3-2)
Use OTPW for PAM authentication
libpam-p11 (0.1.5-1+b1)
PAM module for using PKCS#11 smart cards
libpam-passwdqc (1.2.0-1)
PAM module for password strength policy enforcement
libpam-pgsql (0.7.1-4+squeeze2)
PAM module to authenticate using a PostgreSQL database
libpam-pkcs11 (0.6.4-1+b1 [amd64], 0.6.4-1 [armel, i386, ia64, kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc])
Fully featured PAM module for using for using PKCS#11 smart cards
libpam-poldi (0.4.1-2+b1 [armel, ia64], 0.4.1-2 [amd64, i386, kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc])
PAM module allowing authentication using a OpenPGP smartcard
libpam-pwdfile (0.99-4)
PAM module allowing authentication via an /etc/passwd-like file
libpam-radius-auth (1.3.16-4.4)
The PAM RADIUS authentication module
libpam-runtime (1.1.1-6.1+squeeze1)
Runtime support for the PAM library
libpam-script (1.1.4-1)
PAM module which allows executing a script
libpam-shield (0.9.2-3.3~squeeze1)
locks out remote attackers trying password guessing
libpam-shishi (1.0.0-1)
PAM module for Shishi Kerberos v5
libpam-slurm (1.6-3)
PAM module to authenticate using the SLURM resource manager
libpam-smbpass (2:3.5.6~dfsg-3squeeze11)
pluggable authentication module for Samba
libpam-ssh (1.92-14)
Authenticate using SSH keys
libpam-tmpdir (0.08-1)
automatic per-user temporary directories
libpam-unix2 (1:2.4.1-4)
Blowfish-capable PAM module
libpam-usb (0.4.2-1.1)
PAM module for authentication with removable USB block devices
libpowerman0 (2.3.5-1)
Client library for Powerman - Centralized PDU management
libsmbios-bin (2.0.3.dfsg-1.1)
Provide access to (SM)BIOS information -- utility binaries
libupsclient1 (2.4.3-1.1squeeze2)
network UPS tools - client library
libvirt-bin (0.8.3-5+squeeze5)
the programs for the libvirt library
lilo (1:22.8-10)
LInux LOader - The Classic OS loader can load Linux and others
linux-patch-nfs-ngroups (4.58.debian.20100106.1)
Client-side bypassing of ngroups limitation in NFS protocol
lire (2:2.1-1.1)
full-featured log analyzer and report generator
loadlin (1.6e-1)
a loader (running under DOS) for LINUX kernel images
localepurge (0.6.2+nmu1+squeeze1)
Reclaim disk space removing unneeded localizations
localization-config (1.07)
configures different programs' locale settings
log2mail (0.3.0-2.1)
Daemon watching logfiles and mailing lines matching patterns
logcheck (1.3.13)
mails anomalies in the system logfiles to the administrator
logcheck-database (1.3.13)
database of system log rules for the use of log checkers
login (1:
system login tools
logkeys (0.1.0-1)
a keylogger for GNU/Linux systems
logrotate (3.7.8-6)
Log rotation utility
logtail (1.3.13)
Print log file lines that have not been read (deprecated)
logtools (0.13d)
Russell's misc tools for managing log files.
logwatch (7.3.6.cvs20090906-1squeeze1)
log analyser with nice output written in Perl
loop-aes-testsuite (3.3a-1)
test suite for loop-AES encryption modules
loop-aes-utils (2.16.2-1)
Tools for mounting and manipulating filesystems
lphdisk (0.9.1.ds1-1)
prepares hibernation partition for Phoenix NoteBIOS
lsadb (1:0.1.3-1)
Utility to scan devices on the ADB bus
lsscsi (0.21-2)
list all SCSI devices (or hosts) currently on system
lsyncd (1.34-1)
daemon to synchronize local directories using rsync
ltsp-controlaula (1.4.0-1)
Classroom management tool with ltsp clients
lustre-tests (1.8.3-4)
Test suite for the Lustre filesystem
lvm2 (2.02.66-5)
The Linux Logical Volume Manager
lwatch (0.5-1)
A simple log colorizer
lxc (0.7.2-1)
Linux containers userspace tools
mac-fdisk (0.1-16)
Apple disk partition manipulation tool
macchanger-gtk (1.1-4)
a GTK+ interface for GNU/MACchanger
mach (0.9.1-3)
make a chroot of a rpm-based distribution
madison-lite (0.14)
display versions of Debian packages in an archive
madwimax (0.1.1-1)
user-space driver for mWiMAX equipment based on Samsung CMC-730
mailgraph (1.14-1.4squeeze1)
Mail statistics RRDtool frontend for Postfix
makedev (2.3.1-89)
creates device files in /dev
makejail (0.0.5-9)
Automatically create chroot jails for programs
makepasswd (1.10-5)
Generate and encrypt passwords
mandos (1.0.14-1.1)
a server giving encrypted passwords to Mandos clients
mandos-client (1.0.14-1.1)
do unattended reboots with an encrypted root file system
mbmon (2.05-6)
Hardware monitoring without kernel dependencies (text client)
mbr (1.1.10-2)
Master Boot Record for IBM-PC compatible computers.
mcelog (1.0~pre3-3)
x86-64 Machine Check Exceptions collector and decoder
mcstrans (0.2.11-2)
Daemon to translate SE Linux MCS/MLS sensitivity labels
mdadm (3.1.4-1+8efb9d1+squeeze1)
tool to administer Linux MD arrays (software RAID)
media-player-info (6-1)
Media player identification files
medusa (2.0-1)
fast, parallel, modular, login brute-forcer for network services
members (20080128-5)
Shows the members of a group; by default, all members
memdump (1.01-6+b1 [armel, i386, ia64, kfreebsd-amd64], 1.01-6 [amd64, kfreebsd-i386, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc])
utility to dump memory contents to standard output
memlockd (0.05)
daemon to lock files into RAM
memstat (0.8)
Identify what's using up virtual memory
menu (2.1.44)
generates programs menu for all menu-aware applications
menu-l10n (0.20101027)
localized menu entries for Debian menu.
menu-xdg (0.5) menu compliant window manager scripts
metainit (0.0.5)
Generates init scripts
metche (1:1.2-1)
configuration monitor to ease collective administration
mgm (1.1.svn.20080520-1)
A highly configurable, very gaudy system load meter
mingetty (1.07-3)
Console-only getty
minit (0.10-5)
Small but powerful init system
mknbi (1.4.4-7)
Create tagged images for Etherboot or Netboot
mkrboot (0.96)
Make a kernel + root image bootable from one disk or from DOS
mobile-broadband-provider-info (20140317-1~deb6u1)
database of mobile broadband service providers
modconf (0.3.11)
Device Driver Configuration
module-init-tools (3.12-2+b1 [i386], 3.12-2 [amd64, armel, ia64, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc])
tools for managing Linux kernel modules
virtual package provided by kldutils
molly-guard (0.4.4-2)
protects machines from accidental shutdowns/reboots
mon (1.2.0-1)
monitor hosts/services/whatever and alert about problems
monit (1:5.1.1-1)
A utility for monitoring and managing daemons or similar programs
mount (2.17.2-9)
Tools for mounting and manipulating filesystems
mpt-status (1.2.0-7)
get RAID status out of mpt (and other) HW RAID controllers
mrb (0.1)
Manage incremental data snapshots with make/rsync
msr-tools (1.2-2)
Utilities for modifying MSRs from userspace
mssh (1.2-1)
tool to administrate multiple servers at once
mt-st (1.1-4)
Linux SCSI tape driver aware magnetic tape control (aka mt)
mtx (1.3.12-3)
controls tape autochangers
multipath-tools (0.4.8+git0.761c66f-10)
maintain multipath block device access
multipath-tools-boot (0.4.8+git0.761c66f-10)
Support booting from multipath devices
multistrap (2.1.7)
multiple repository bootstrap based on apt
munge (0.5.9-2)
authentication service to create and validate credentials
mussh (0.7-1)
MUltihost SSH Wrapper
nagzilla (1.5.5-1-1)
jabber relay bot
nautilus-gksu (2.0.2-5)
privilege granting extension for nautilus using gksu
nbd-client (1:2.9.16-8+squeeze1)
Network Block Device protocol - client
nbd-server (1:2.9.16-8+squeeze1)
Network Block Device protocol - server
ncdu (1.6-1)
ncurses disk usage viewer
ncurses-term (5.7+20100313-5)
additional terminal type definitions
netbase (4.45)
Basic TCP/IP networking system
netenv (0.94.3-27)
Configure your system for different network environments
nfs4-acl-tools (0.3.3-1)
Commandline and GUI ACL utilities for the NFSv4 client
nfswatch (4.99.11-1)
Program to monitor NFS traffic for the console
ngorca (1.0.2-2)
password recovery tool for Oracle databases
nilfs-tools (2.0.18-2)
Continuous Snapshotting Log-structured Filesystem
nilfs2-tools (2.0.18-2)
Continuous Snapshotting Log-structured Filesystem (transitional package)
ninja (0.1.3-2)
Privilege escalation detection system for GNU/Linux
noshell (4.0.11+notdfsg1-2) [non-free]
Tools to secure bastion hosts
nscd (2.11.3-4)
Embedded GNU C Library: Name Service Cache Daemon
virtual package provided by unscd
nslcd (0.7.15+squeeze4)
Daemon for NSS and PAM lookups using LDAP
nslu2-utils (20080403-4)
utilities and init scripts for the Linksys NSLU2
ntfs-config (1.0.1-9)
Enable/disable write support for any NTFS devices
numactl (2.0.5-1)
NUMA scheduling and memory placement tool
nut (2.4.3-1.1squeeze2)
network UPS tools - core system
nut-cgi (2.4.3-1.1squeeze2)
network UPS tools - web interface
nut-hal-drivers (2.4.3-1.1squeeze2)
network UPS tools - HAL interface
nut-powerman-pdu (2.4.3-1.1squeeze2)
network UPS tools - PowerMan PDU driver
nut-snmp (2.4.3-1.1squeeze2)
network UPS tools - SNMP driver
nut-xml (2.4.3-1.1squeeze2)
network UPS tools - XML/HTTP driver
nvramtool (0.0+r3669-2)
Read/write coreboot-related NVRAM/CMOS information
nvtv (0.4.7-7)
tool to control TV chips on NVidia cards under Linux
obex-data-server (0.4.5-1+b1)
D-Bus service for OBEX client and server side functionality
obexd-client (0.28-1)
D-Bus OBEX client
obexd-server (0.28-1)
D-Bus OBEX server
ocfs2-tools (1.4.4-3)
tools for managing OCFS2 cluster filesystems
ocfs2-tools-cman (1.4.4-3)
tools for managing OCFS2 cluster filesystems - cman support
ocfs2-tools-pacemaker (1.4.4-3)
tools for managing OCFS2 cluster filesystems - pacemaker support
ocfs2console (1.4.4-3)
tools for managing OCFS2 cluster filesystems - graphical interface
ofono (0.18-1)
Mobile telephony stack (daemon)
ofono-dev (0.18-1)
Mobile telephony stack (development files)
oinkmaster (2.0-2)
Snort rules manager
olpc-kbdshim (12-3)
OLPC XO keyboard support daemon
olpc-kbdshim-common (12-3)
OLPC XO keyboard support daemon (common files)
olpc-kbdshim-hal (12-3)
OLPC XO keyboard support daemon (hal version)
olpc-powerd (23-2)
OLPC XO power management support daemon
olpc-xo1-hw (0.2)
Support for OLPC XO-1 hardware
op (1.32-4)
sudo like controlled privilege escalation
open-vm-source (1:8.4.2-261024-1) [contrib]
Source for VMware guest systems driver
open-vm-toolbox (1:8.4.2-261024-1) [contrib]
tools and components for VMware guest systems (GUI tools)
open-vm-tools (1:8.4.2-261024-1) [contrib]
tools and components for VMware guest systems (CLI tools)
openais (1.1.2-2)
Standards-based cluster framework (daemon and modules)
opencryptoki (2.2.8+dfsg-4)
PKCS#11 implementation for Linux (daemon)
opendnssec-auditor (1.1.3-3)
tool to audit DNS signed zones according to local policy
opendnssec-enforcer (1.1.3-3)
tool to prepares DNSSEC keys (common package)
opendnssec-enforcer-mysql (1.1.3-3)
tool to prepares DNSSEC keys (mysql backend)
opendnssec-enforcer-sqlite3 (1.1.3-3)
tool to prepares DNSSEC keys (sqlite3 backend)
opendnssec-signer (1.1.3-3)
daemon to sign DNS zone files periodically
opendnssec-signer-tools (1.1.3-3)
set of tools used by OpenDNSSEC to sign zone files
openhpi (2.14.1-1)
SAF's HPI: Abstracted interface for managing computer hardware
openhpi-clients (2.14.1-1)
OpenHPI example client programs
openhpid (2.14.1-1)
OpenHPI daemon, supports gathering of manageability information
openipmi (2.0.16-1.2)
Intelligent Platform Management Interface (for servers)
ophcrack (3.3.0-1)
Microsoft Windows password cracker using rainbow tables (gui)
ophcrack-cli (3.3.0-1)
Microsoft Windows password cracker using rainbow tables (cmdline)
opie-client (2.32.dfsg.1-0.2+squeeze1)
OPIE programs for generating OTPs on client machines
opie-server (2.32.dfsg.1-0.2+squeeze1)
OPIE programs for maintaining an OTP key file
osiris (4.2.3-4)
network-wide system integrity monitor control interface
osirisd (4.2.3-4)
network-wide system integrity monitor scanning agent
osirismd (4.2.3-4)
network-wide system integrity monitor central management daemon
oss-preserve (1.1-6)
Program to save/restore OSS mixer settings
otpw-bin (1.3-2)
OTPW programs for generating OTPW lists
ovaldi (5.7.2-1+b1)
Open Vulnerability and Assessment Language reference interpreter
pacemaker (
HA cluster resource manager
packagesearch (2.6+b1)
GUI for searching packages and viewing package information
paco (2.0.9-1)
simple but yet powerful source code package management system
palo (1.17)
Linux boot loader for parisc/hppa
pam-dbus-notify (0.2-1)
Handler for the pam-dbus module, using notification-daemon
pamusb-tools (0.4.2-1.1)
helper tools for the pam-usb module
parted (2.3-5)
The GNU Parted disk partition resizing program
partimage (0.6.8-1+b1 [amd64], 0.6.8-1 [armel, i386, ia64, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc])
backup partitions into a compressed image file
partimage-server (0.6.8-1+b1 [amd64], 0.6.8-1 [armel, i386, ia64, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc])
server to use partimage across a network
partitionmanager (1.0.2-1)
A partition management utility
passwd (1:
change and administer password and group data
passwdqc (1.2.0-1)
password strength checking and policy enforcement toolset
paxctl (0.5-1)
user-space utility to control PaX flags - new major upstream version
pbbuttonsd (0.7.9-2)
PBButtons daemon to handle special hotkeys of Apple computers
pciutils (1:3.1.7-6)
Linux PCI Utilities
pcmciautils (015-1)
PCMCIA utilities for Linux 2.6
pessulus (2.30.2-1)
lockdown editor for GNOME
pflogsumm (1.1.3-1)
Postfix log entry summarizer
phpldapadmin (
web based interface for administering LDAP servers
pica (0.4.1-10)
System administration program similar to PIKT
picalib (0.1.5-4)
Set of PICA helper scripts and configuration files
piwi (0.8+20041206-3)
P(erl|relude) IDS Web Interface - A frontend to your Prelude database
pkgsync (1.22)
automated package list synchronization
pm-utils (1.3.0-3)
utilities and scripts for power management
pmailq (0.3-1)
postfix mail queue manager
pmud (0.10-12)
Apple PowerBook power management daemon
pmud-utils (0.10-12)
Apple PowerBook power management daemon utils
policykit-1 (0.96-4+squeeze2)
framework for managing administrative policies and privileges
policyrcd-script-zg2 (0.1-2)
policy-compliant interface from invoke-rc.d to local config files
portreserve (0.0.4-1)
Port reservation program
powerman (2.3.5-1)
Centralized Power Distribution Unit (PDU) management
powernowd (1.00-1.1+b1 [amd64, armel, ia64, kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386, mipsel, powerpc], 1.00-1.1 [i386, mips, s390, sparc])
control cpu speed and voltage using 2.6 kernel interface
powstatd (1.5.1-7)
Configurable UPS monitoring daemon
ppp (2.4.5-4)
Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) - daemon
pppconfig (2.3.18+nmu2)
A text menu based utility for configuring ppp
prelink (0.0.20090925-1)
ELF prelinking utility to speed up dynamic linking
prelude-correlator (1.0.0-1)
Security Information Management System [ Correlator ]
prelude-lml (1.0.0-1+b1)
Security Information Management System [ Log Agent ]
prelude-manager (1.0.0-1)
Security Information Management System [ Manager ]
prelude-notify (0.9.1-1)
Security Information Management System [ Desktop Notifier ]
prism2-usb-firmware-installer (0.2.9+dfsg-4) [contrib]
firmware files for the prism2_usb kernel driver
procps (1:3.2.8-9squeeze1)
/proc file system utilities
ps-watcher (1.08-2)
monitoring a system via ps-like commands
ps3-utils (2.3-1)
Utilities for running Debian on a Sony Playstation 3
psad (2.1.7-1)
Port Scan Attack Detector
psfontmgr (0.11.11)
PostScript font manager -- part of Defoma, Debian Font Manager
pslist (1.3-2)
utility that controls a process and its descendants
psmisc (22.11-1)
utilities that use the proc file system
pump (0.8.24-7)
BOOTP and DHCP client for automatic IP configuration
puppet (2.6.2-5+squeeze9)
Centralized configuration management - agent startup and compatibility scripts
puppet-common (2.6.2-5+squeeze9)
Centralized configuration management
puppet-el (2.6.2-5+squeeze9)
syntax highlighting for puppet manifests in emacs
puppet-testsuite (2.6.2-5+squeeze9)
Centralized configuration management - test suite
puppetmaster (2.6.2-5+squeeze9)
Centralized configuration management - master startup and compatibility scripts
pwgen (2.06-1+b1)
Automatic Password generation
pwrkap (7.30-5)
Energy use monitor and Power Cap enforcement tools - Core
pwrkap-gui (7.30-5)
Energy use monitor and Power Cap enforcement tools - GTK+ GUI
pyroman (0.4.6-4)
Very fast firewall configuration tool
python-software-properties (0.60.debian-3)
manage the repositories that you install software from
qingy (0.9.7-2)
framebuffer-enabled replacement for getty
qink (0.3.5-3)
Simple printer ink level monitor based on libinklevel and Qt4
qla-tools (20090804-1)
QLogic Linux tools for work with QLogic HBAs
queuegraph (1.1.1-3)
a RRDtool frontend for Postfix queue-statistics
quik (2.1-9.1)
Bootloader for PowerMac or CHRP systems
quota (4.00~pre1-6)
implementation of the disk quota system
quotatool (1.4.11-1)
tool to edit disk quotas from the command line
radiusclient1 (0.3.2-13)
/bin/login replacement which uses the RADIUS protocol for authentication
raidutils (0.0.6-11)
Transition Package for raidutils rename to dpt-i2o-raidutils
randomsound (0.2-5)
ALSA sound card related entropy gathering daemon
rcconf (2.5)
Debian Runlevel configuration tool
readahead (2:1.5.6-1)
read files into the page cache (dummy transitional package)
virtual package provided by readahead-fedora
readahead-fedora (2:1.5.6-1)
Fedora's implementation of readahead to preload boot process files
recover (1.3c-11)
Undelete files on ext2 partitions
redhat-cluster-source (3.0.12-2)
Red Hat cluster suite - kernel module source
redhat-cluster-suite (3.0.12-2)
Red Hat cluster suite - metapackage
ree (1.3-2)
Extract ROM extensions
refit (0.14-2)
graphical boot menu for ia32 and x64 EFI systems
reiser4progs (1.0.7-6)
administration utilities for the Reiser4 filesystem
reiserfsprogs (1:3.6.21-1)
User-level tools for ReiserFS filesystems
remote-tty (4.0-12)
multiuser "tip"/"cu" replacement with logging
rgmanager (3.0.12-2)
Red Hat cluster suite - clustered resource group manager
rinse (1.7-1)
RPM installation environment
rkhunter (1.3.6-4)
rootkit, backdoor, sniffer and exploit scanner
rpm (4.8.1-6+squeeze1)
package manager for RPM
rpm-common (4.8.1-6+squeeze1)
common files for RPM
rpm2cpio (4.8.1-6+squeeze1)
tool to convert RPM package to CPIO archive
rsyslog (4.6.4-2)
enhanced multi-threaded syslogd
rsyslog-gnutls (4.6.4-2)
TLS protocol support for rsyslog
rsyslog-gssapi (4.6.4-2)
GSSAPI authentication and encryption support for rsyslog
rsyslog-mysql (4.6.4-2)
MySQL output plugin for rsyslog
rsyslog-pgsql (4.6.4-2)
PostgreSQL output plugin for rsyslog
rsyslog-relp (4.6.4-2)
RELP protocol support for rsyslog
rungetty (1.2-15)
minimal console getty that can run any process
runit (2.1.1-6.2+b1 [kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386], 2.1.1-6.2 [amd64, armel, i386, ia64, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc])
system-wide service supervision
s390-tools (1.8.3-3)
A set of fundamental utilities for Linux on S/390
sac (1.9b5-2)
Login accounting
safecopy (1.6-1)
Copy utility ignoring errors
salinfo (1.2-2)
Monitor and decode events from Itanium firmware
samdump2 (1.1.1-1)
Dump Windows 2k/NT/XP password hashes
samhain (2.6.2-1)
Data integrity and host intrusion alert system
sbm (3.7.1-9.1)
Smart Boot Manager (SBM) is a full-featured boot manager
scamper (20070523n-1)
advanced traceroute and network measurement utility
scanerrlog (2.01-4.2)
Generate summaries from Apache error logs
schroot (1.4.19-1+squeeze1)
Execute commands in a chroot environment
schroot-common (1.4.19-1+squeeze1)
common files for schroot
scrounge-ntfs (0.9-6+b2 [armel, ia64], 0.9-6+b1 [i386, kfreebsd-amd64], 0.9-6 [amd64, kfreebsd-i386, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc])
Data recovery program for NTFS filesystems
sdparm (1.02-1)
Output and modify SCSI device parameters
selinux-basics (0.3.7)
SELinux basic support
selinux-policy-default (2:0.2.20100524-7+squeeze1)
Strict and Targeted variants of the SELinux policy
selinux-policy-dev (2:0.2.20100524-7+squeeze1)
Headers from the SELinux reference policy for building modules
selinux-policy-mls (2:0.2.20100524-7+squeeze1)
MLS (Multi Level Security) variant of the SELinux policy
selinux-policy-src (2:0.2.20100524-7+squeeze1)
Source of the SELinux reference policy for customization
selinux-utils (2.0.96-1)
SELinux utility programs
sepol-utils (2.0.41-1)
Security Enhanced Linux policy utility programs
setools (3.3.6.ds-7.2+b1)
tools for Security Enhanced Linux policy analysis
sg3-utils (1.29-1)
utilities for devices using the SCSI command set
shaperd (0.2.1-5.2)
A user-mode traffic shaper for tcp-ip networks
shed (1.15-2+b2 [armel, ia64], 1.15-2+b1 [i386, kfreebsd-amd64], 1.15-2 [amd64, kfreebsd-i386, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc])
A simple hex editor with a pico-style interface
shush (1.2.3-2)
runs a command and optionally reports its output by mail
sibyl (2.4.2-2)
boot loader for Broadcom SiByte MIPS boards
silo (1.4.14+git20100228-1+b1)
Sparc Improved LOader
sispmctl (2.7-1)
Control Gembird SIS-PM programmable power outlet strips
slack (0.15.2-4)
configuration management program for lazy admins
slay (2.7.0)
Kills all of the user's processes
sleepd (2.04)
puts an inactive or low battery laptop to sleep
sleuthkit (3.1.3-1)
collection of tools for forensics analysis on volume and file system data
slugimage (1:0.0+r104-5)
NSLU2 firmware image manipulation utility
slurm-llnl (2.1.11-1squeeze3)
Simple Linux Utility for Resource Management
slurm-llnl-basic-plugins (2.1.11-1squeeze3)
SLURM basic plugins
slurm-llnl-slurmdbd (2.1.11-1squeeze3)
Secure enterprise-wide interface to a database for SLURM
slurm-llnl-sview (2.1.11-1squeeze3)
GUI to view and modify SLURM state
smartpm (1.3-1.3)
An alternative package manager that works with dpkg/rpm
smartpm-core (1.3-1.3)
An alternative package manager that works with dpkg/rpm
smb-nat (1:1.0-4)
Netbios Auditing Tool
smbldap-tools (0.9.5-1)
Scripts to manage Unix and Samba accounts stored on LDAP
socklog (2.1.0-8)
system and kernel logging services (programs)
socklog-run (2.1.0-8)
system and kernel logging services
sockstat (0.3-1.1)
view detailed information about open connections
softhsm (1.1.4-4+squeeze1)
a cryptographic store accessible through a PKCS #11
softhsm-common (1.1.4-4+squeeze1)
a cryptographic store accessible through a PKCS #11
software-properties-gtk (0.60.debian-3)
manage the repositories that you install software from
software-properties-kde (0.60.debian-3)
manage the repositories that you install software from
speakup-source (3.1.5.dfsg.1-1)
Source of the speakup kernel modules
speakup-tools (3.1.5.dfsg.1-1)
Tools to manage speakup configuration and synths
squidview (0.76-1)
monitors and analyses squid access.log files
srg (1.3.6-1+b1 [armel, ia64], 1.3.6-1 [amd64, i386, kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc])
Fast, Flexible and Detailed log analysis for the Squid Proxy
ssdeep (2.5-1)
Recursive piecewise hashing tool
sshm (0.4.2-1)
A command-line tool to manage your ssh servers
sslsniff (0.6-1+b1)
SSL/TLS man-in-the-middle attack tool
stealth (1.47.4-1)
A stealthy File Integrity Checker
stow (1.3.3-3.2)
Organizer for /usr/local software packages
sucrack (1.2.2-2)
multithreaded su bruteforcer
sudo (1.7.4p4-2.squeeze.4)
Provide limited super user privileges to specific users
virtual package provided by sudo-ldap
sudo-ldap (1.7.4p4-2.squeeze.4)
Provide limited super user privileges to specific users
super (3.30.0-3+squeeze2)
Execute commands setuid root
supervisor (3.0a8-1)
A system for controlling process state
sux (1.0.1-6)
wrapper around su which will transfer your X credentials
swapspace (1.10-4)
dynamic swap space manager
swatch (3.2.3-1)
Log file viewer with regexp matching, highlighting & hooks
switchconf (0.0.9-2)
switch between system configuration sets
sxid (4.2-1)
suid, sgid file and directory checking
synaptic (0.70~pre1+b1)
Graphical package manager
sysconfig-hardware (0.0.10)
Hardware configuration
sysklogd (1.5-6)
System Logging Daemon
syslog-ng (3.1.3-3)
Next generation logging daemon
syslog-summary (1.14-2)
summarize the contents of a syslog log file
syslogout (0.3.8)
Modularized system wide shell logout mechanism
sysnews (0.9-16)
program to display system news
sysprofile (0.3.8)
Modularized system wide shell configuration mechanism
sysrqd (14-1)
small daemon intended to manage Linux SysRq over network
sysstat (
system performance tools for Linux
system-config-audit (1.7.13-1+b2)
Graphical utility for editing audit configuration
system-config-cluster (1.0.53-1)
graphical configuration and management tool for Red Hat Cluster Suite
system-config-lvm (1.1.14-1)
A utility for graphically configuring Logical Volumes
system-config-printer-kde (4:4.4.5-4)
printer configuration utility
system-tools-backends (2.10.1-2squeeze1)
System Tools to manage computer configuration -- scripts
systemconfigurator (2.2.11-1)
Unified Configuration API for Linux Installation
systraq (0.0.20081217-1+squeeze2.1)
monitor your system and warn when system files change
systune (0.5.6-0.1)
kernel tuning through the /proc file system
sysv-rc (2.88dsf-13.1+squeeze1)
System-V-like runlevel change mechanism
sysv-rc-conf (0.99-6)
SysV init runlevel configuration tool for the terminal
sysvinit (2.88dsf-13.1+squeeze1)
System-V-like init utilities
sysvinit-utils (2.88dsf-13.1+squeeze1)
System-V-like utilities
tableau-parm (0.2.0-1)
tableau write-blocking bridge query/command utility
tasksel (2.88)
Tool for selecting tasks for installation on Debian systems
tasksel-data (2.88)
Official tasks used for installation of Debian systems
tct (1.19-1)
collection of forensics related utilities
tenshi (0.11-2)
log monitoring and reporting tool
testdisk (6.11-1+b1)
Partition scanner and disk recovery tool
tiger (1:3.2.3-4)
Report system security vulnerabilities
tiger-otheros (1:3.2.3-4)
Scripts to run Tiger in other operating systems
timeoutd (1.5-10.1)
Flexible user timeout daemon with X11 support
tinyhoneypot (0.4.6-8)
Small honeypot to trap attackers
tip22 (0.3.14+squeeze0)
Tftp boot image builder for MIPS based SGI IP22 and IP32 machines
tipcutils (1.0.4-7)
TIPC utilities
tmpreaper (1.6.13+nmu1)
cleans up files in directories based on their age
tmux (1.3-2+squeeze1)
terminal multiplexer
tomoyo-ccstools1.7 (1.7.2-20100401-3)
Lightweight and easy-use Mandatory Access Control for Linux
tomoyo-tools (2.2.0-20100225-1)
Lightweight and easy-use Mandatory Access Control for Linux
tpm-tools (1.3.3-2)
Management tools for the TPM hardware (tools)
trousers (0.3.5-2+squeeze1)
open-source TCG Software Stack (daemon)
ttfm (0.1-1.2)
graphical file manager for the ext3cow filesystem
ttysnoop (0.12d-4)
allows you to spy on telnet+serial connections
twoftpd-run (1.41-1)
a simple secure efficient FTP server
u-boot (2010.06-1)
A boot loader for embedded systems
udev (164-3)
/dev/ and hotplug management daemon
udisks (1.0.1+git20100614-3squeeze1)
abstraction for enumerating block devices
ufw (0.29.3-1)
program for managing a Netfilter firewall
unattended-upgrades (0.62.2)
automatic installation of security upgrades
unhide (20100201-1)
Forensic tool to find hidden processes and ports
unscd (0.47-2)
Micro Name Service Caching Daemon
update-inetd (4.38+nmu1+squeeze1)
inetd configuration file updater
upgrade-system (
system upgrader from Konflux
upower (0.9.5-5)
abstraction for power management
upsd (2.6-5)
UPS Monitor Program via serial interface
upstart (0.6.6-1)
event-based init daemon
usbip (0.1.7-3)
USB device sharing system over IP network
usbip-source (0.1.7-3)
USB device sharing system over IP network (kernel module source)
usbmount (0.0.21)
automatically mount and unmount USB mass storage devices
user-setup (1.38)
Set up initial user and password
userinfo (2.2-3)
display information about local users
userv (1.0.5-0.2)
`user services' - program call across trust boundaries
varmon (1.2.1-1)
VA RAID monitor
vbackup (0.1.8-1)
A modular backup utility
vblade (20-1)
virtual AoE blade emulator
vblade-persist (0.6-2)
create/manage supervised AoE exports
vim-puppet (2.6.2-5+squeeze9)
syntax highlighting for puppet manifests in vim
virt-goodies (0.4-1)
A collection of helpful virtualisation related tools
virt-manager (0.8.4-8)
desktop application for managing virtual machines
virt-top (1.0.4-2)
show stats of virtualized domains
virt-viewer (0.2.1-1)
Displaying the graphical console of a virtual machine
virt-what (1.2-1)
detect if we are running in a virtual machine
virtinst (0.500.3-2)
Programs to create and clone virtual machines
vrms (1.15)
virtual Richard M. Stallman
vtgrab (0.1.8-3)
A VNC like console monitoring
vzctl (3.0.24-12)
server virtualization solution - control tools
vzdump (1.2.6-1)
OpenVZ backup scripts
vzquota (3.0.12-3)
server virtualization solution - quota tools
wajig (2.0.47)
simplified Debian package management front end
watchdog (5.9-1)
A software watchdog
whowatch (1.6.0a-2)
Real-time user logins monitoring tool
wwwstat (2.0-5)
httpd logfile analysis package
x86info (1.25-1)
Display diagnostic information about i386 compatible CPUs
xenstore-utils (4.0.1-5.11)
Xenstore utilities for Xen
xenwatch (0.5.4-2)
Virtualization utilities, mostly for Xen
xfsdump (3.0.4)
Administrative utilities for the XFS filesystem
xfsprogs (3.1.4)
Utilities for managing the XFS filesystem
xmbmon (2.05-6)
Hardware monitoring without kernel dependencies (X client)
xmount (0.3.3-1)
tool to crossmount between multiple input and output harddisk images
xtables-addons-common (1.26-2+b1)
Extensions targets and matches for iptables [tools, libs]
xtables-addons-source (1.26-2)
Extensions targets and matches for iptables [modules sources]
xwatch (2.11-15)
logfile monitor that displays in an X window.
yaboot (1.3.13a-1squeeze1)
Yet Another Bootloader
yasr (0.6.9-1)
General-purpose console screen reader
yersinia (0.7.1-1.1)
Network vulnerabilities check software
yubikey-server-c (0.5-1)
Yubikey validation server
yum (3.2.25-1)
Advanced front-end for rpm
zerofree (1.0.1-2)
zero free blocks from ext2/3 file-systems
zeroinstall-injector (0.49-1)
run programs by URL
zfsutils (8.1-4+squeeze1)
command-line tools to manage ZFS filesystems
zorroutils (0.04+20021014-2)
Zorro bus utilities for Amigas running 2.1 and later kernels