Software Packages in "squeeze", Subsection php

doctrine (1.2.2-2+squeeze1)
Tool for object-relational mapping in PHP
drush (3.3-1)
command line shell and Unix scripting interface for Drupal
dwoo (1.1.1-1)
PHP5 template engine
libarc-php (2~20100706-1)
Flexible RDF system for semantic web and PHP practitioners
libgv-php5 (2.26.3-5+squeeze2)
Php5 bindings for graphviz
libnusoap-php (0.7.3-4)
SOAP toolkit for PHP
libphp-adodb (5.10-1)
The ADOdb database abstraction layer for PHP
libphp-jabber (0.4.3-4)
Object-oriented PHP interface for the Jabber/XMPP protocol
libphp-jpgraph (1.5.2-12)
Object oriented graph library for php5
libphp-jpgraph-examples (1.5.2-12)
Object oriented graph library for php5 (examples)
libphp-magpierss (0.72-8+squeeze2)
provides an XML-based RSS parser in PHP
libphp-pclzip (2.8.2-2)
zip archive manager class for PHP
libphp-phplayersmenu (3.2.0rc-3)
hierarchical menu system class for PHP
libphp-phpmailer (5.1-1)
full featured email transfer class for PHP
libphp-phpsniff (2.1.3-3)
a HTTP_USER_AGENT Client Sniffer for PHP
libphp-simplepie (1.2-1)
RSS and Atom feed parsing in PHP
libphp-snoopy (1.2.4-2)
Snoopy is a PHP class that simulates a web browser
php-apc (3.1.3p1-2)
APC (Alternative PHP Cache) module for PHP 5
php-auth (1.6.2-1)
PHP PEAR modules for creating an authentication system
php-auth-http (2.1.6-3)
HTTP authentication
php-benchmark (1.2.7-5)
Framework to benchmark PHP scripts or function calls
php-cache (1.5.5RC4-4)
framework for caching of arbitrary data
php-cache-lite (1.7.4-1)
Fast and lite data cache system
php-codesniffer (1.1.0-1)
tokenises PHP code and detects violations of a defined set of coding standards
php-compat (1.6.0a2-1)
Provides missing functionality for older versions of PHP
php-config (1.10.11-1)
Your configuration's swiss-army knife
php-crypt-cbc (
A class to emulate Perl's Crypt::CBC module
php-crypt-gpg (1.1.1-1)
PHP PEAR module for encrypting and decrypting with GnuPG
php-date (1.4.7-1)
PHP PEAR module for date and time manipulation
php-db (1.7.13-2)
PHP PEAR Database Abstraction Layer
php-event-dispatcher (1.1.0-1)
Dispatch notifications using PHP callbacks
php-file (1.3.0-1)
PHP Pear modules for common file and directory routines
php-fpdf (3:1.6.dfsg-1)
PHP class to generate PDF files
php-geshi (
Generic Syntax Highlighter
php-getid3 (1.7.9-1)
PHP script to extract informations from multimedia files
php-gettext (1.0.10-1)
read gettext MO files directly, without requiring anything other than PHP
php-html-common (1.2.5-1)
A base class for other HTML classes
php-html-safe (0.10.0-1)
strip down all potentially dangerous content within HTML
php-html-template-it (1:1.2.1-3)
PEAR HTML Isotemplate API
php-htmlpurifier (4.1.1+dfsg1-1)
Standards-compliant HTML filter
php-http (1.4.1-1)
PHP PEAR module for HTTP related stuff
php-http-request (1.4.4-3)
provides an easy way to perform HTTP requests
php-http-upload (1.0.0b1-2)
Easy and secure management of files submitted via HTML Forms
php-http-webdav-server (1.0.0RC4-2)
WebDAV server base class
php-image-barcode (1.1.0-1)
Barcode generation
php-kolab-filter (0.1.9-4)
Postfix filters for the Kolab server
php-kolab-freebusy (0.1.5-3)
provide Kolab free/busy information
php-log (1.12.0-1)
log module for PEAR
php-mail (1.2.0-2)
PHP PEAR module for sending email
php-mail-mime (1.8.0-2)
PHP PEAR module for creating MIME messages
php-mail-mimedecode (1.5.0-3)
PHP PEAR module to decode MIME messages
php-mdb2 (2.5.0b2-1)
PHP PEAR module to provide a common API for supported RDBMS
php-mdb2-driver-mysql (1.5.0b2-1)
PHP PEAR module to provide a MySQL driver for MDB2
php-mdb2-driver-pgsql (1.5.0b2-1)
PHP PEAR module to provide a PostgreSQL driver for MDB2
php-mdb2-driver-sqlite (1.5.0b2-1)
PHP PEAR module to provide a SQLite driver for MDB2
php-mime-type (1.2.0-1)
Utility class for dealing with MIME types
php-net-checkip (1.2.1-3)
check the syntax of IPv4 addresses
php-net-dime (0.3-3)
class that implements DIME encoding
php-net-dnsbl (1.3.3-1)
Checks if a given host or URL is listed on a DNSBL or SURBL
php-net-ftp (1.3.7-1)
provides an OO interface to the PHP FTP functions
php-net-imap (1:1.1.0-1)
Provides an implementation of the IMAP protocol
php-net-ipv4 (1.3.1-2)
IPv4 network calculations and validation
php-net-ldap (1:1.1.5-1)
a OO interface for searching and manipulating LDAP-entries
php-net-lmtp (1.0.1-1)
PHP PEAR module implementing LMTP protocol
php-net-ping (2.4.5-2)
a PEAR class wrapper around the ping shell utility
php-net-portscan (1.0.3-1)
Portscanner utilities
php-net-sieve (1.1.7-1)
net_sieve module for PEAR
php-net-smartirc (1.0.0-2)
provides an OO interface to the PHP IRC functions
php-net-smtp (1.4.2-3)
PHP PEAR module implementing SMTP protocol
php-net-socket (1.0.9-2)
PHP PEAR Network Socket Interface module
php-net-url (1.0.15-2)
easy parsing of Urls
php-net-whois (1.0.4-1)
PHP PEAR module for querying whois services
php-openid (2.2.2-1)
PHP OpenID library
php-pager (2.4.6-1)
Pages an array of data, creating links to previous and next pages
php-radius-legacy (1.2.5-2+squeeze1)
Radius protocol implementation in PHP
php-services-weather (1.4.2-2)
acts as an interface to various online weather-services
php-simpletest (1.0.0-4)
Unit testing and web testing framework for PHP
php-soap (0.12.0-2)
a SOAP Client/Server class for PHP
php-text-captcha (0.4.0-2)
a PEAR module for generating CAPTCHAs
php-text-figlet (1.0.2-2)
a PEAR module for rendering text using FIGlet fonts
php-text-wiki (1.2.0-1)
transforms Wiki and BBCode markup into XHTML, LaTeX or plain text markup
php-wikidiff2 (0.0.1+svn55737-1.1+b1 [amd64, armel, ia64, mips, mipsel, powerpc, sparc], 0.0.1+svn55737-1.1 [i386, kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386, s390])
external diff engine for mediawiki
php-xajax (0.5-1)
A library to develop Ajax applications
php-xml-htmlsax3 (3.0.0+cvs01112007-2)
SAX parser for HTML and other badly formed XML documents
php-xml-parser (1.3.2-4)
PHP PEAR module for parsing XML
php-xml-rpc (1.5.3-1)
PHP implementation of the XML-RPC protocol
php-xml-rpc2 (1.0.5-2)
XML-RPC client/server library
php-xml-rss (1.0.0-1)
php based parser for RSS news feeds
php-xml-serializer (0.20.0-2.1)
swiss-army knife for reading and writing XML files
php-zeroc-ice (3.3.1-12)
Ice for PHP extension
php5-adodb (5.04-6)
Extension optimising the ADOdb database abstraction library
php5-auth-pam (0.4-10+b1)
A PHP5 extension for PAM authentication
php5-enchant (5.3.3-7+squeeze19 [amd64, armel, i386, ia64, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc], 5.3.3-7+squeeze17 [kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386]) [security]
Enchant module for php5
php5-exactimage (0.8.1-3+deb6u3)
fast image manipulation library (PHP bindings)
php5-ffmpeg (0.6.0-2+b1 [armel, ia64, mipsel, powerpc, sparc], 0.6.0-2 [amd64, i386, kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386, mips, s390])
audio and video support via ffmpeg for php5
php5-geoip (1.0.7-2)
GeoIP module for php5
php5-idn (1.2b-6)
PHP API for the IDNA library
virtual package provided by php5-intl
php5-imagick (3.0.0~rc1-1)
ImageMagick module for php5
php5-intl (5.3.3-7+squeeze19 [amd64, armel, i386, ia64, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc], 5.3.3-7+squeeze17 [kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386]) [security]
internationalisation module for php5
php5-lasso (2.2.1-4+b1)
Library for Liberty Alliance and SAML protocols - PHP 5 bindings
php5-librdf (
PHP5 language bindings for the Redland RDF library
php5-mapscript (5.6.5-2+squeeze3)
php5-cgi module for MapServer
php5-memcache (3.0.4-4+squeeze1)
memcache extension module for PHP5
php5-memcached (1.0.2-1+squeeze2)
memcached extension module for PHP5
php5-ming (1:0.4.3-1+b1)
Ming module for php5
php5-ps (1.3.6-3+b1)
ps module for PHP 5
php5-radius (1.2.5-2+squeeze1)
PECL radius module for PHP 5
php5-remctl (2.16-1)
PECL module for Kerberos-authenticated command execution
php5-sasl (0.1.0-1+b1)
Cyrus SASL extension for PHP 5
php5-suhosin (
advanced protection module for php5
php5-svn (1.0.0-1+b2 [kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386], 1.0.0-1 [amd64, armel, i386, ia64, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc])
PHP Bindings for the Subversion Revision control system
php5-tokyo-tyrant (0.5.0-1)
PHP interface to Tokyo Cabinet's network interface, Tokyo Tyrant
php5-uuid (1.6.2-1+b1 [armel, mips, mipsel, sparc], 1.6.2-1 [amd64, i386, ia64, kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386, powerpc, s390])
OSSP uuid module for php5
php5-xcache (1.3.0-7)
Fast, stable PHP opcode cacher
php5-xdebug (2.1.0-1)
Xdebug Module for PHP 5
phpunit (3.4.14-1)
Unit testing suite for PHP5
wordpress-openid (3.3.2-2)
OpenID plugin for WordPress
wordpress-xrds-simple (1.0-1)
XRDS-Simple plugin for WordPress