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Pakiet: gtimer (2.0.0-1.1)

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GTK-based X11 task timer

A graphical program that tracks how your time is spent. Maintains a simple list of tasks, each of which can belong to a project, and allows you to track time in each. Multiple clocks can run simultaneously, annotations can be added to a day's time, and reports can be generated in either HTML or text. If GTimer detects that you're idle, you are given the option of subtracting off the time you spent idle when you return.

Compared to other time tracking applications, GTimer is graphical without depending on a desktop environment and aims for simplicity rather than attempting to be a full-fledged project tracking and billing application.

Znaczniki: Zaimplementowane w: C, Interfejs użytkownika: X Window System, Rola: Program, Zakres: scope::application, uitoolkit::gtk, Przeznaczenie: Organizowanie danych, Czas i zegar, X Window System: Aplikacja

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