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virtual filesystem for flickr online photosharing service

Flickrfs is a virtual filesystem which mounts on your machine like any other partition. Once mounted it retrieves information about your photos hosted on your flickr account, and shows them as files. You can easily copy photos from your local machine to this mount and it will automatically upload them to your flickr account. Similarly you can copy the files from your mount to the local machine and it will download your images from flickr.

Flickrfs uses FUSE (Filesystem in USErspace) which is a simple interface for userspace programs to export a virtual filesystem to the Linux kernel.

All the files in the mount have an associated meta file, which provides access to title, description, tags and license information. Modifiying any of these fields and saving the meta file will cause them to be updated on the server also.

Flickrfs also includes a syncing mechanism. This allows for automatic synchronisation of changes done online directly to your local mountpoint.

Znaczniki: Administracja systemem: Narzędzia systemu plików, Obsługa sprzętu: Przechowywanie danych, Zaimplementowane w: implemented-in::python, role::program, Zakres: Narzędzie, Przeznaczenie: Organizowanie danych, Działa z: Obraz

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