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Pakiet: sympa (6.1.11~dfsg-5+deb7u2)

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Modern mailing list manager

Sympa is a scalable and highly customizable modern mailing list manager capable of handling big setups: 20.000 lists with 700,000 subscribers.

Here are some of its many features:

 - Advanced MIME support, including digests, anonymization and S/MIME
 - Builtin password-based authentication, HTTPS X.509 certificates or
   use of LDAP database or Single Sign-On CAS or Shibboleth servers
 - Archive management with web access and RSS feeds
 - Moderation and administration via email, web and SOAP interface
 - Multi-lingual, translated to more than 30 languages
 - Virtual domains (virtual robots)
 - Local SQLite subscriber database or use of MySQL, PostgreSQL or LDAP
 - Integrated scripting language to extend and automate routines
 - Web inteface called WWSympa providing homogenous access for both
   users and admins to list overviews, customization, administration,
   searchable archives and optional web-based email reply form.
 - Clean moderation and expiration processing
 - Customizable service messages (templates) for owner and listmaster
 - Semi-automatic bounces management

SYMPA is French for 'SYstème de Multi-Postage Automatique', which means 'Automatic Multi Mailing System'.

Znaczniki: Zaimplementowane w: Perl, Poczta elektroniczna: Listy wysyłkowe, Rola: Program, Działa z: Poczta elektroniczna

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