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Pakiet: xfonts-cronyx-isocyr-100dpi (2.3.8-6)

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100 dpi ISO 8859-5 encoded Cyrillic fonts for X (Cronyx collection)

This package provides a set of bitmapped Cyrillic fonts at 100 dots per inch. These are ISO 8859-5 fonts and support the Belarusian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Russian and Serbian scripts. In most cases it is desirable to have the X font server (xfs) and/or an X server installed to make the fonts available to X clients.

This package and xfonts-cronyx-isocyr-75dpi provide the same set of fonts, rendered at different resolutions; only one or the other is necessary, but both may be installed. xfonts-cronyx-isocyr-100dpi may be more suitable for large monitors and/or large screen resolutions (over 1024x768).

The upstream source of this package is the package Xcyr of Serge Winitzki. Xcyr is a descendant of the package Xrus-2.3 of Andrey Chernov.

Znaczniki: Obszar kulturowy: Rosyjski, Stworzone z: Czcionka, Rola: Dane aplikacji, Samodzielne dane, X Window System: Czcionka

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