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TeX Live: LaTeX recommended packages

A collection of recommended add-on packages for LaTeX which have widespread


This package includes the following CTAN packages:

 anysize -- A simple package to set up document margins.
 booktabs -- Publication quality tables in LaTeX
 caption -- Customising captions in floating environments.
 cite -- Improved citation handling in LaTeX.
 cmap --
 crop -- Support for cropmarks.
 ctable -- Easily typeset centered tables.
 ec -- Computer modern fonts in T1 and TS1 encodings.
 eso-pic -- Add picture commands (or backgrounds) to every page.
 euler -- Use AMS Euler fonts for math.
 extsizes -- Extend the standard classes' size options.
 fancybox -- Variants of \fbox and other games with boxes.
 fancyref -- A LaTeX package for fancy cross-referencing.
 fancyvrb -- Sophisticated verbatim text.
 float -- Improved interface for floating objects.
 fontspec -- Advanced font selection in XeLaTeX and LuaLaTeX.
 fp -- Fixed point arithmetic.
 index -- Extended index for LaTeX including multiple indexes.
 jknapltx -- Miscellaneous packages by Joerg Knappen.
 koma-script -- A bundle of versatile classes and packages
 l3kernel -- LaTeX3 programming conventions.
 l3packages -- High-level LaTeX3 concepts.
 l3experimental -- Experimental LaTeX3 concepts.
 listings -- Typeset source code listings using LaTeX.
 mdwtools -- Miscellaneous tools by Mark Wooding.
 memoir -- Typeset fiction, non-fiction and mathematical books.
 metalogo -- Extended TeX logo macros.
 mh -- The MH bundle
 microtype -- An interface to the micro-typographic features of pdfTeX.
 ms -- Various LaTeX packages by Martin Schroder.
 ntgclass -- "European" versions of standard classes.
 parskip -- Layout with zero \parindent, non-zero \parskip.
 pdfpages -- Include PDF documents in LaTeX.
 powerdot -- A presentation class.
 psfrag -- Replace strings in encapsulated PostScript figures.
 rcs -- Use RCS (revision control system) tags in LaTeX documents.
 rotating -- Rotation tools, including rotated full-page floats.
 sansmath -- Maths in a sans font.
 section -- Modifying section commands in LaTeX.
 seminar -- Make overhead slides.
 sepnum -- Print numbers in a "friendly" format.
 setspace -- Set space between lines.
 subfig -- Figures broken into subfigures
 textcase -- Case conversion ignoring mathematics, etc.
 thumbpdf -- Thumbnails for pdfTeX and dvips/ps2pdf.
 typehtml -- Typeset HTML directly from LaTeX.
 underscore -- Control the behaviour of "_" in text.
 url -- Verbatim with URL-sensitive line breaks.
 xkeyval -- Extension of the keyval package.

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