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Pakiet: qthid-fcd-controller (3.1-5)

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Funcube Dongle controller

Controller application for the Funcube Dongle software defined radio receiver, built using the HID API library and the Qt GUI toolkit.

The Funcube Dongle is a small software defined radio receiver for 64 MHz - 1.7 GHz. It fits into a computer's USB port and uses USB audio to transfer complex I/Q data to SDR applications. The control API for setting frequency, gain, filter, etc. uses the USB HID standard.

It provides full support for the Funcube Dongle API::

 * Change frequency and apply frequency correction.
 * Change RF gains and filters.
 * Change IF gains and filters.
 * LNA enhancement, bias current, etc.
 * I/Q correction.
 * Auto-repeat tuning buttons (click and hold button to scan).
 * Variable frequency step.
 * Upgrade and verify the firmware.

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