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Pakiet: libuv1 (1.9.1-3)

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asynchronous event notification library - runtime library

Libuv is the asynchronous library behind Node.js. Very similar to libevent or libev, it provides the main elements for event driven systems: watching and waiting for availability in a set of sockets, and some other events like timers or asynchronous messages. However, libuv also comes with some other extras like:

 * files watchers and asynchronous operations
 * a portable TCP and UDP API, as well as asynchronous DNS resolution
 * processes and threads management, and a portable inter-process
   communications mechanism, with pipes and work queues
 * a plugins mechanism for loading libraries dynamically
 * interface with external libraries that also need to access the I/O.

This package includes the dynamic library against which you can link your program.

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