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Pakiet: memtest86+ (4.20-1~bpo60+1) [backports]

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thorough real-mode memory tester

Memtest86+ scans your RAM for errors.

This tester runs independently of any OS - it is run at computer boot-up, so that it can test *all* of your memory. You may want to look at `memtester', which allows to test your memory within Linux, but this one won't be able to test your whole RAM.

It can output a list of bad RAM regions usable by the BadRAM kernel patch, so that you can still use your old RAM with one or two bad bits.

Memtest86+ is based on memtest86 3.0, and adds support for recent hardware, as well as a number of general-purpose improvements, including many patches to memtest86 available from various sources.

Both memtest86 and memtest86+ are being worked on in parallel.

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