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Pakiet: python3-django-titofisto (0.1.2.post1-1)

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Django Time-Token File Storage

Titofisto is a simple extension to Django's FileSystemStorage that adds a URL parameter carrying a shared token, which is only valid for a defined period of time.

It is a drop-in replacement for the Django FileSystemStorage, usable if media files are served by Django itself. It does currently not work if media files are served from an independent web server.

The storage and its accompanying view do the following:

 * When a URL to a storage file is generated, a HMAC-based token is generated
 * The token and the timestamp when it was generated are appended as request
   parameters to the URL
 * Upon retrieval of the file through the accompanying view, the requested
   file name and the passed timestamp are used to recalculate the HMAC-based
 * Only if the tokens match, and a configured timeout has not passed, is the
   file served

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