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Pakiet: python3-datalad (1.1.0-1)

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data files management and distribution platform

DataLad is a data management and distribution platform providing access to a wide range of data resources already available online. Using git-annex as its backend for data logistics it provides following facilities built-in or available through additional extensions

 - command line and Python interfaces for manipulation of collections of
   datasets (install, uninstall, update, publish, save, etc.) and
   separate files/directories (add, get)
 - extract, aggregate, and search through various sources of metadata
   (xmp, EXIF, etc; install datalad-neuroimaging for DICOM, BIDS, NIfTI
 - crawl web sites to automatically prepare and update git-annex
   repositories with content from online websites, S3, etc (install

This package installs the module for Python 3, and Recommends install all dependencies necessary for searching and managing datasets, publishing, and testing. If you need base functionality, install without Recommends.

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