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Pakiet: ejabberd-mod-shcommands (0.2019.11.10~dfsg0-1) [debports]

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execute shell commands via XMPP (dangerous!)

WARNING: USE THIS MODULE AT YOUR OWN RISK !!! This module allows ejabberd administrators to remotely execute shell commands which could compromise both the ejabberd server and the whole machine.

This module provides the ejabberd server administrator a method to remotely execute shell commands through the ejabberd server.

It provides a page in the ejabberd Web Admin which only the administrators of the whole server can access.

Three types of commands are possible:

 * ejabberd_ctl: makes a call to ejabberd_ctl;
 * erlang shell: executes an erlang command;
 * system shell: executes a command on the system shell.
The result of the execution will be shown.

In the system shell, only non-interactive commands will work correctly, for example this will work:

 ps -all
Don't use commands that start an interactive mode: DON'T TRY THIS: top DON'T TRY THIS: vim readme.txt

This module does not check if the commands are dangerous or problematic, so this module is only recommended for experienced ejabberd and Erlang/OTP administrators. USE THIS MODULE AT YOUR OWN RISK !!!

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