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Pakiet: hunspell-tools (1.7.0-2)

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tools for hunspell

Hunspell is a spell checker and morphological analyzer library and program designed for languages with rich morphology and complex word compounding or character encoding. It is based on MySpell and features an Ispell-like terminal interface using Curses library, an Ispell pipe interface and an UNO module.

Main features:

 - Unicode support (first 65535 Unicode characters)
 - morphological analysis (in custom item and arrangement style)
 - Max. 65535 affix classes and twofold affix stripping (for agglutinative
   languages, like Azeri, Basque, Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian, Turkish, etc.)
 - Support complex compoundings (for example, Hungarian and German)
 - Support language specific algorithms (for example, handling Azeri
   and Turkish dotted i, or German sharp s)
 - Handling conditional affixes, circumfixes, fogemorphemes,
   forbidden words, pseudoroots and homonyms.

This package contains a the munch/unmunch tools of hunspell and ispellaff2myspell for converting ispell affix files for myspell/hunspell format.

Znaczniki: Dziedzina: Lingwistyka, Zaimplementowane w: C, Rola: Program, Przeznaczenie: use::checking, works-with::dictionary

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