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Pakiet: golang-github-tidwall-buntdb-dev (1.1.7-1)

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embeddable, in-memory key/value database for Go

BuntDB is a low-level, in-memory, key/value store in pure Go. It persists to disk, is ACID compliant, and uses locking for multiple readers and a single writer. It supports custom indexes and geospatial data. It's ideal for projects that need a dependable database and favor speed over data size.


 * In-memory database for fast reads and writes
 * Embeddable with a simple API
 * Spatial indexing for up to 20 dimensions;
   Useful for Geospatial data
 * Index fields inside JSON documents
 * Collate i18n Indexes using the optional collate
 * Create custom indexes for any data type
 * Support for multi value indexes; Similar to a SQL multi column index
 * Built-in types that are easy to get up & running;
   String, Uint, Int, Float
 * Flexible iteration of data; ascending, descending, and ranges
 * Durable append-only file format for persistence
 * Option to evict old items with an expiration TTL
 * Tight codebase, under 2K loc using the cloc command
 * ACID semantics with locking transactions that support rollbacks

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