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Pakiet: qgit (2.5-2)

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Qt application for viewing GIT trees

With qgit you will be able to browse revision tree, view patch content and changed files, graphically following different development branches. Main features:

 - View revisions, diffs, files history, files annotation, archive tree.
 - Commit changes visually cherry picking modified files.
 - Apply or format patch series from selected commits, drag and
   drop commits between two instances of qgit.
 - qgit implements a GUI for the most common StGIT commands like push/pop
   and apply/format patches. You can also create new patches or refresh
   current top one using the same semantics of git commit, i.e.
   cherry picking single modified files.

Znaczniki: Rozwój oprogramowania: Kontrola wersji, Zaimplementowane w: C++, Interfejs użytkownika: X Window System, Rola: role::program, uitoolkit::qt, Przeznaczenie: Wizualizacja danych, Działa z: System kontroli wersji, X Window System: Aplikacja

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