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Pakiet: libarccommon3 (4.2.0-2)

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ARC Grid middleware

NorduGrid is a collaboration aiming at development, maintenance and support of the free Grid middleware, known as the Advanced Resource Connector (ARC).

The Advanced Resource Connector (ARC) is a software suite that makes use of Grid technologies to federate heterogeneous computing and data resources across administrative domains. The resulting infrastructure is commonly referred to as a computational or a data Grid, depending on prevalence of CPU-intensive or data-intensive applications. ARC is developed and supported by the NorduGrid Consortium.

Just like the Web, ARC has its roots in the IT infrastructure that was erected to analyze data collected by high energy physics experiments at CERN. While first versions of ARC made heavy use of the Globus Toolkit, the current release does not require Globus as such, though maintains backward compatibility.

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