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Pakiet: aolserver4-doc (4.5.1-18)

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AOL web server version 4 - documentation

AOLserver is the web engine that powers America Online. It is capable of serving a very high number of users, and can host hundreds of virtual servers simultaneously within the same process.

It is similar in many respects to Zope, except based largely on Tcl. It is multi-threaded, and has a C API that can be used to extend its functionality.

This package contains three reference manuals for AOLserver version 3+:

 - The AOLserver Administrator's Guide covers the setup options
   and security issues relating to running the server;
 - The AOLserver Tcl Developer's Guide covers the Tcl API which
   can be used to add features to your web pages (similar in
   some respects to PHP or Microsoft's ASP);
 - The AOLserver C Developer's Guide covers the C API which can
   be used to create new modules to extend AOLserver.

This is the latest available version of the documentation, but it is quite outdated and incomplete. More up-to-date API documentation is available at

Znaczniki: Rozwój oprogramowania: Dokumentacja, Rozwijanie w języku C, Rozwijanie w języku Tcl, Stworzone z: made-of::html, network::service, Protokół sieciowy: HTTP, Rola: Dokumentacja, Sieć WWW: web::cms, web::server, Obsługa formatu: HTML - Hypertext Markup Language, Działa z: Tekst

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