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Pakiet: cryptmount (5.0-2)

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Management of encrypted file systems

cryptmount is a utility for creating encrypted filesystems & swap partitions and which allows an ordinary user to mount/unmount filesystems without requiring superuser privileges.

It offers the following features:

   * easy and safe on-demand access to filesystems without su/sudo;
   * access passwords can be changed easily without involving the sys-admin;
   * filesystems can reside on raw disk partitions or ordinary files;
   * supports LUKS encrypted filesystems created by cryptsetup;
   * encrypted access keys can be stored on removable media
     (e.g. USB flash disks);
   * includes support for encrypted swap partitions;
   * multiple filesystems can be stored in a single disk partition;
   * encrypted filesystems can be initialized at boot-up or on demand;
   * temporary filesystems can be setup via command-line,
     for use in shell-scripts;
   * transparent configuration of dm-crypt & loopback devices during mounting;
   * access keys can optionally be made compatible with OpenSSL.

Znaczniki: Administracja systemem: Narzędzia systemu plików, Rola: Program, Zakres: scope::application, security::cryptography, Bezpieczeństwo: Prywatność, Działa z: Pliki

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