Pakiety oprogramowania w gałęzi "jessie-backports", Podsekcja perl

libapparmor-perl (2.10.95-4~bpo8+2)
AppArmor library Perl bindings
libarray-utils-perl (0.5-1~bpo8+1)
collection of small utils for array manipulation
libbusiness-hours-perl (0.12-1~bpo8+1)
Perl module to calculate business hours in a time period
libconfig-crontab-perl (1.42-1~bpo8+1)
module to read/write Vixie-compatible crontab(5) files
libdata-page-pageset-perl (1.02-1~bpo8+1)
condense long Data::Page lists into groups
libdata-uniqid-perl (0.12-1~bpo8+1)
Perl extension for simple genrating of unique id's
libdatetime-locale-perl (1:1.02-1~bpo8+1)
Perl extension providing localization support for DateTime
libencode-perl (2.84-1~bpo8+1)
module providing interfaces between Perl's strings and the system
libfile-grep-perl (0.02-1~bpo8+1)
module for pattern matching in a series of files
libfile-slurper-perl (0.009-1~bpo8+1)
simple, sane and efficient module to slurp a file
libfile-stripnondeterminism-perl (0.034-1~bpo8+1)
file non-deterministic information stripper — Perl module
libgtk3-simplelist-perl (0.15-1~bpo8+1)
Perl simple interface to GTK+ 3's complex MVC list widget
libguestfs-perl (1:1.32.7-1~bpo8+1)
guest disk image management system - Perl bindings
libhtml-formattext-withlinks-andtables-perl (0.07-1~bpo8+1)
Perl module to converts HTML to Text with tables intact
libhtml-truncate-perl (0.20-1~bpo8+1)
Perl module to truncate HTML by percentage or character count
libjellyfish-perl (2.2.6-1~bpo8+1)
count k-mers in DNA sequences (Perl bindings of jellyfish)
liblingua-translit-perl (0.24-1~bpo8+1)
Perl module that transliterates text between writing systems
libmail-rbl-perl (1.10-2~bpo8+1)
Perl extension to access RBL-style host verification services
libmapscript-perl (7.0.4-1~bpo8+1)
Perl MapServer module
libmonitoring-plugin-perl (0.39-1~bpo8+1)
family of perl modules to streamline writing Monitoring plugins
libnet-dbus-perl (1.1.0-3~bpo8+1)
Rozszerzenie Perla do współpracy z DBus
libnet-ldap-server-test-perl (0.22-1~bpo8+1)
provides a test LDAP server for Net::LDAP testing
libnet-ldap-sid-perl (0.001-1~bpo8+1)
module for Active Directory Security Identifier (SID) manipulation
libnet-oauth2-perl (0.61-1~bpo8+1)
implementation of the OAuth 2.0 protocol
liboar-perl (2.5.7-2~bpo8+1)
OAR batch scheduler common library package
libpath-tiny-perl (0.100-1~bpo8+1)
file path utility
libsbuild-perl (0.72.0-2~bpo8+2)
Tool for building Debian binary packages from Debian sources
libscalar-list-utils-perl (1:1.47-1~bpo8+1)
modules providing common scalar and list utility subroutines
libschedule-cron-events-perl (1.94-1~bpo8+1)
module to find out the times at which a cron entry would run
libstrictures-perl (2.000003-1~bpo8+1)
Perl module to turn on strict and make all warnings fatal
libstring-copyright-perl (0.003005-1~bpo8+1)
representation of text-based copyright statements
libsubunit-perl (1.1.0-3~bpo8+1)
perl parser and diff for Subunit streams
libtest-files-perl (0.14-1~bpo8+1)
module to ease testing with files and directories