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Pakiet: mh-e (8.5-2.1)

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Emacs interface to the MH mail system

MH-E offers all the functionality of MH, the visual orientation and simplicity of use of a GUI, and full integration with Emacs and XEmacs, including thorough configuration and online help.

MH-E allows one to read and process mail very quickly: many commands are single characters; completion and smart defaults are used for folder names and aliases. With MH-E you compose outgoing messages in Emacs. This is a big plus for Emacs users, but even non-Emacs users have been known to use MH-E after only learning the most basic cursor motion commands.

Additional features include:

  - attractive text rendering with font lock
  - composition and display of MIME body parts
  - display of images and HTML within the Emacs frame
  - folder browsing with speedbar
  - threading
  - ticking messages
  - lightning-fast full-text indexed searches of all of your email
  - virtual folders to view ticked and unseen messages, search results
  - multiple personalities
  - signing and encrypting
  - spam filter interaction
  - XFace, Face, X-Image-URL and picon header field support

MH is Rand's Mail Handler, whose functionality is available in MH, nmh and GNU mailutils.

This might be the same version as in the emacs23 package, but documentation is included. It also includes contributed files that are not distributed with GNU Emacs:

  mh-frame.el      - Open MH-E in a separate frame.
  mh-comp-frame.el - Message composition in a separate frame.

Znaczniki: Zaimplementowane w: Lisp, Interfejs użytkownika: Wiersz poleceń, Poczta elektroniczna: mail::smtp, mail::user-agent, Sieć: Klient, Rola: Wtyczka, role::program, suite::emacs, Przeznaczenie: Edytowanie, Działa z: Poczta elektroniczna

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