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Pakiet: linuxptp (1.9.2-1)

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Precision Time Protocol (PTP, IEEE1588) implementation for Linux

Linuxptp is an implementation of the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) according to IEEE standard 1588 for Linux. Features include:

 - support for hardware and software time stamping via the Linux
   SO_TIMESTAMPING socket option.
 - support for the Linux PTP Hardware Clock (PHC) subsystem by using the
   clock_gettime family of calls, including the new clock_adjtimex
   system call
 - implementation of Boundary Clock (BC) and Ordinary Clock (OC)
 - transport over UDP/IPv4, UDP/IPv6, and raw Ethernet (Layer 2)
 - support for IEEE 802.1AS-2011 in the role of end station

PTP provides higher precision and faster synchronization than NTP even without hardware support. With hardware support, sub-microsecond accuracy can be expected. Whereas NTP is intended for WAN use, PTP is designed for LAN environments and makes use of UDP multicast.

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