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Pakiet: qml-module-io-thp-pyotherside (1.5.3-1)

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asynchronous Python 3 Bindings for Qt 5 (QML plugin)

A Qt 5 QML Plugin that provides access to a Python 3 interpreter from QML.

PyOtherSide is a Qt 5 QML Plugin that provides access to a Python 3 interpreter from QML. It was designed with mobile devices in mind, where high-framerate touch interfaces are common, and where the user usually interfaces only with one application at a time via a touchscreen. As such, it is important to never block the UI thread, so that the user can always continue to use the interface, even when the backend is processing, downloading or calculating something in the background.

At its core, PyOtherSide is basically a simple layer that converts Qt (QML) objects to Python objects and vice versa, with focus on asynchronous events and continuation-passing style function calls.

While legacy versions of PyOtherSide worked with Qt 4.x and Python 2.x, its focus now lies on Python 3.x and Qt 5. Python 3 has been out for several years, and offers some nice language features and clean-ups, while Qt 5 supports most mobile platforms well, and has an improved QML engine and a faster renderer (Qt Scene Graph) compared to Qt 4.

This package provides the QML plugin.

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