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Pakiet: liblcas0 (1.3.19-2 i inne)

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Local Centre Authorization Service runtime

LCAS makes binary ('yes' or 'no') authorization decisions at the site and resource level. In making this decision, it can use a variety of inputs: the 'grid' name of the user (the Subject Distinguished Name), any VO attributes the user has (like VOMS FQANs), the name of the executable the user intends to execute. It supports basic black and white list functionality, but also more complex VOMS-based expressions, based on the GACL language.

This package contains the run-time library.

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Architektura Wersja Rozmiar pakietu Rozmiar po instalacji Pliki
amd64 1.3.19-2+b2 42,5 KiB94,0 KiB [lista plików]
arm64 1.3.19-2+b2 40,6 KiB94,0 KiB [lista plików]
armel 1.3.19-2+b2 40,1 KiB89,0 KiB [lista plików]
armhf 1.3.19-2+b2 40,1 KiB81,0 KiB [lista plików]
i386 1.3.19-2+b2 43,6 KiB97,0 KiB [lista plików]
mips 1.3.19-2+b2 40,5 KiB91,0 KiB [lista plików]
mips64el 1.3.19-2+b2 40,8 KiB96,0 KiB [lista plików]
mipsel 1.3.19-2+b2 40,6 KiB91,0 KiB [lista plików]
ppc64el 1.3.19-2+b2 41,8 KiB122,0 KiB [lista plików]
s390x 1.3.19-2+b2 41,2 KiB98,0 KiB [lista plików]