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Pakiet: libkabc4 (4:4.14.10-11)

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library for handling address book data

This library provides an API for address book data. It includes features such as:

 * Value based interface, addressbook entry data is implicitly shared.
 * Address book entries are identified by a unique id.
 * vCard backend (RFC 2425 / RFC 2426).
 * Locking mechanism to support concurrent access to the address book by
   multiple processes.
 * Notification on change of addressbook by other process.
 * Dialog for selecting address book entries, supports mouse and keyboard
   selection, supports automatic name completion.
 * GUI client for viewing, modifying address book data. This is aimed at
   developers not end users.
 * Tool for converting data, written with libkab, to libkabc format.
 * Multiple backends (resources) for storing entries e.g. LDAP

This package is part of the KDE Development Platform PIM libraries module.

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