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Pakiet: erlang-p1-xmpp (1.2.8-1)

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Erlang/Elixir XMPP parsing and serialization library

This library provides comprehensive representation of XMPP elements as well as tools to work with them. Every such element is represented by an Erlang record. Most of the library's code is auto generated and thus considered to be bug free and efficient.

The approach is very similar to ASN.1, Google Protocol Buffers or Apache Thrift: an XML element is transformed into internal language structure (an Erlang record in this case) - the process known as "decoding". During decoding, validation is also performed, thus well-typed structures are generated, potentially decreasing bugs related to handcrafted parsing. A reverse process known as "encoding" is applied for transforming an Erlang record into an XML element.

This package should be used along with erlang-p1-xml, because it is only able to decode from and encode to structures generated by that library (that is, xmlel() elements).

This library was written for ejabberd which still uses it. It was split off into it's own project to follow Erlang/OTP guidelines.

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