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Pakiet: haserl (0.9.35-2 i inne)

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CGI scripting program for embedded environments

Haserl is a CGI wrapper that allows PHP-style programming in Lua or a POSIX-compliant shell. It is very small, so it can be used in embedded environments, or where something like PHP is too big.

It combines three features into a small CGI engine:

 * It parses POST and GET requests, placing form-elements into the
   environment as name=value pairs for the CGI script to use. This is
   somewhat similar to the uncgi wrapper.
 * It opens a shell, and translates all text into printable statements.
   All text within <% ... %> constructs is passed verbatim to the shell.
   This is somewhat similar to how PHP scripts are parsed.
 * It can be set up to drop its permissions to the owner of the script,
   giving it some of the security features of suexec or cgiwrapper.

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