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Blueprint meta build system (command-line tools)

Blueprint is a meta-build system that reads in Blueprints files that describe modules that need to be built, and produces a Ninja manifest describing the commands that need to be run and their dependencies. Where most build systems use built-in rules or a domain-specific language to describe the logic for converting module descriptions to build rules, Blueprint delegates this to per-project build logic written in Go. For large, heterogenous projects this allows the inherent complexity of the build logic to be maintained in a high-level language, while still allowing simple changes to individual modules by modifying easy to understand Blueprints files.

This package contains command-line tools for Blueprint.

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amd64 0.0~git20201007.25128be-2+b3 2 096,2 KiB12 379,0 KiB [lista plików]
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mipsel 0.0~git20201007.25128be-2+b3 1 722,5 KiB12 108,0 KiB [lista plików]
ppc64el 0.0~git20201007.25128be-2+b3 1 812,8 KiB11 979,0 KiB [lista plików]
s390x 0.0~git20201007.25128be-2+b3 1 890,3 KiB12 491,0 KiB [lista plików]