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Pakiet: libsimdjson-dev (3.0.1-1)

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Parsing gigabytes of JSON per second (development)

JSON is everywhere on the Internet. Servers spend a *lot* of time parsing it. We need a fresh approach. The simdjson library uses commonly available SIMD instructions and microparallel algorithms to parse JSON 4x faster than RapidJSON and 25x faster than JSON for Modern C++.

 * Fast: Over 4x faster than commonly used production-grade JSON parsers.
 * Record Breaking Features: Minify JSON at 6 GB/s, validate UTF-8 at 13 GB/s,
   NDJSON at 3.5 GB/s.
 * Easy: First-class, easy to use and carefully documented APIs.
 * Strict: Full JSON and UTF-8 validation, lossless parsing.
   Performance with no compromises.
 * Automatic: Selects a CPU-tailored parser at runtime.
   No configuration needed.
 * Reliable: From memory allocation to error handling, simdjson's design
   avoids surprises.
 * Peer Reviewed: Our research appears in venues like VLDB Journal,
   Software: Practice and Experience.

This package ships development files.

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